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Leverage Power BI in a controlled environment with full roles & permissions 



All the power of Power BI - enhanced with centralization and extension of access


  • Access all the features of Power BI through a cloud SaaS interface
  • Only use your authoring license for authors - create dashboard viewers as IntelliFront users instead of adding licenses
  • Obtain new ability to create roles and permissions for who can view your Power BI dashboards and what they can see
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Power BI With Enhanced Centralization | IntelliFront BI
Combine Power BI Dashboards With Business Intelligence | IntelliFront BI

Create A Dashboard Once, Publish It Anywhere


  • Whoever your audience is, you can create a dashboard once and publish on any device
  • Fine-grained access controls lets you show different views of the same dashboard to different people
  • Whether for executives, employees, customers, partners or the general public, IntelliFront has you covered for any dashboard publishing scenario
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Combine Dashboards With The Pedigree Of True Business Intelligence


  • Don’t miss a key insight because you didn’t look at a dashboard
  • Through dashboard reporting and business intelligence automation, the key insights come to you
  • Build automation routines from a plethora of options brought to you by a leader in enterprise business intelligence software
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Combine Dashboards & BI For Mor Business Intelligence Power | IntelliFront BI

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