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PBRS Release 20201021 Now Available

PBRS Version 4.0 Build 20201021 has been released. The following enhancements along with software fixes have been included.

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PBRS Version 4.0 Build 20201021


  • Added the ability to include additional body text when embedding a report into an email.
  • Added the ability to use Data Driven Inserts for basic filter operator.
  • Added an Index to the VirtualPrintQueue table.
  • General UI improvements.

Issues Resolved

  • Watermark font and color does not work as expected for Paginated Reports in the cloud.
  • The Process Watcher shows the Report Name instead of the schedule name.
  • Data-Driven Paginated Report remain in the Process Watcher after completion.
  • "Use the default naming convention" is not being populated when editing a Disk Destination.
  • Error when converting from a GUID to String in a Data Driven Schedule.
  • Multiple visuals are being sent in an email when using the Embed option.
  • Web Archive attachment not attaching properly to an email.
  • Ignore header option is hidden for SSRS reports.
  • Ignore Header option is hidden for Automation reports.
  • Empty characters for CSV separator (SSRS) show up as comma.
  • UK Date Format is not being kept when a Power BI report exports to Excel Format.
  • Unable to edit the Data Driver in a Data Driven Schedule when the Data Driver returns no records.

Download Latest PBRS Release

Thank you all for your feedback. The next PBRS release is scheduled for November 2020.

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