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Business Intelligence Software | IntelliFront BI

Organize your Business Intelligence in a cohesive
Dashboard, Reporting and Automation System


Take advantage of operational Business Intelligence Administration


  • Access as many of your data sources as you want with simple administrative menus
  • Administer your report output destinations just as easily - everything from e-mail, database, mobile, printer and more
  • Group and organize all your resources and routines together in operational BI boards
Find out how easy BI admin can be
Operational Business Intelligence Administration | IntelliFront BI
Business Intelligence Automation | IntelliFront BI

Don’t miss another BI insight because you didn’t log into the dashboard tool


  • Create automation routines that listen and stay on top of your BI situation for you
  • Build processes and workflows that can range from simple to a complex series of steps and routines - all with a straightforward administrative interface
  • Access an administrative set-up system that you’ll love to use
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Leverage your existing infrastructure to achieve BI Intelligence


  • Whether it’s SSRS, Crystal Reports, Power BI or more, leverage your existing investments to create a total SaaS BI Intelligence system
  • Provide full distribution options to multiple report audience-types, without sacrificing access control and security
  • Obtain all of the necessary BI Intelligence features you’ve been wanting, and a few you didn’t yet know about, all while saving money
Don’t suffer from BI FOMO any longer - get started with full BI on your  existing platforms
Leverage your existing infrastructure to achieve BI Intelligence | IntelliFront BI

There’s never been a better time to access the power of full BI Intelligence Software.

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