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KPI Dashboard Software - IntelliFront BI™
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SSRS & Crystal Reporting Portal

  • Display SSRS & Crystal Reports to external audiences without exposing your SQL/SSRS/AD/Crystal Reports infrastructure or buying additional Crystal Reports or SQL licenses
  • Publish different security instances of the same report
  • Publish the same report with different parameter values for different teams/groups
  • Schedule and deliver reports to partners & customers at set intervals
  • Includes Data Driven report scheduling for Crystal Reports and SSRS (even for SSRS Standard Edition users)

IntelliFront Real-Time KPIs & Dashboard Reporting

  • KPIs with threshold events and alert actions
  • Create dashboard reports connected to multiple data sources including SQL Server, Oracle, Excel sheets and CSV files
  • Customize with over 30 different chart types with full drill-down and filtering capabilites at run time
  • Export dashboards to PDF and Excel
  • View real-time dashboards & KPIs in any browser on any device
  • View reports, dashboards & KPIs with Active Directory for internal users & App Security for external

Did You Know...?

  • IntelliFront BI is a browser-only drag & drop analytics creator. There is no desktop companion tool
  • You can use IntelliFront's Workflow module to monitor your database and trigger some actions when certain conditions are met. e.g. If a database record exists, run a sql script and download a file from an FTP folder
  • IntelliFront BI can load 12 million records in 1.88 seconds (from 5 columns)
  • A pivot grid in IntelliFront BI can load 12 million records in 4.21 seconds
  • New multi-threading algorithms are used to perform independent operations. The Dashboard’s data engine uses TPL (Task Parallel Library) to perform these operations
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