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SharePoint Integrated Mode Vs. Native Mode In SQL-RD

SQL-RD is often used to schedule SSRS report subscriptions. Connecting to your reports via the Reporting Services. .ASMX, SQL-RD can automatically run the report, populate necessary parameters and deliver the report to a recipient via Email, Fax, FTP, SMS or even SharePoint. SQL-RD can schedule reports in SharePoint integrated mode or native mode.

SQL-RD | Schedule SSRS Report

When it comes to scheduling report subscriptions in SQL-RD, the endpoint used for the Report Server URL will differ if your report server is configured for SharePoint integrated mode or native mode. There are three endpoints available when managing objects on a report server. The ReportService2005.ASMX endpoint is used for report services configured in native mode and the ReportService2006.ASMX endpoint is used for report services configured in SharePoint integrated mode. The ReportService2010.asmx endpoint merges the functionalities of both ReportService2005.asmx and ReportService2006.asmx and can manage objects on a report server for either native mode or SharePoint integrated mode.

In SQL Server 2008 R2, the ReportService2005.asmx and ReportService2006.asmx were deprecated, therefore you will use the ReportService2010.asmx endpoint.

SQL-RD | Schedule SSRS Report

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