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How Enterprise Reporting Keeps Everyone In The Know

Enterprise reporting is a business intelligence tool that extends reporting and analysis capabilities.  From top influencers to anyone who impacts an organization – CIOs, IT staff, managers, analysts, and workers–instant access to vital information is needed to perform their jobs in the most productive manner.

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Different user groups need different information in different formats. Thus, the BI platform chosen to expedite enterprise reporting must be capable of scaling without impacting performance.  Additionally, it must offer a wide variety of capabilities such as ad hoc reporting, dynamic distribution of reports and other BI content, financial reporting, and flexible output formatting to support the most expansive range of operational, strategic, and analytical reporting needs.

How it Helps

Enterprise reporting must be fast and powerful to enable your organization to be more perceptive and responsive.  By selecting an enterprise reporting platform with the following features, each person in the organization benefits.

  1. Broad data access. Any information in any manner – real-time data, data warehouses, data cubes, etc., can be influential in supporting decision-making processes. 
  2. Exceptional scalability. This allows the distribution of information to any number of users inside or outside of an organization.
  3. Maximum usability. This provides the non-technical business users a way to easily retrieve and interact with data without the expense of comprehensive training.
  4. Flexible accessibility. This allows users the ability to view information on any device they choose – smartphone, laptop, tablet, or personal computer. 

Such a platform provides up-to-the-minute data and information to anyone in an organization, at the same time.  For example, at 9:00 a.m. Monday morning, the CEO can be looking at a report that shows the most profitable products over the weekend while the finance department is looking at a revenue report, and the front line workers are accessing product information to help customers. 

By providing easy, fast, and accurate reporting to all of the different organization members, enterprise reporting has shared the analytical data needed when it was needed and with the individuals who needed it.

Beyond the Organization

Some companies have extended their enterprise reporting platforms to allow customers, suppliers, and other business partners the ability to access and analyze critical information.  Suppliers have the ability to see which of their products are low in inventory and which are not selling at all.  Business partners and company investors can access financial documents and see how the organization is performing.  There are many uses for expanding enterprise reporting and each is up to the individual organization creating the data. 

With one single source of information for all users to obtain and analyze strategic information, enterprise reporting puts all of the data in one place.  At ChristianSteven Software, their experts possess the knowledge and programs your organization needs to move forward with enterprise reporting and get everyone on the same page. 

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