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Get Efficient With Data Driven Subscription In Power BI

Business intelligence solutions continue to take data-driven decision making to the next level for most organizations. Enterprises are churning loads of data every day and have an important need to process this data for tracking their goals. Additionally, reports and dashboards are an integral part of conducting business for employees at these companies. However, data can sometimes be overwhelming if not processed and delivered in the right manner.

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Sending Power BI Reports to SharePoint

Power BI is a data visualization tool which is much simpler to use as compared to other BI tools. You can publish your dashboards and reports online with an easy to use interface that has a lot more flexibility. One of its advantages is that it allows you to send reports to SharePoint. Because SharePoint is a collaborative software, there are multiple advantages to using it. This is especially true when you want to share your reports with multiple users within your organization or even with your customers.

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Sending Power BI Reports To Dropbox

 Power BI is an efficient tool that many people use across organizations for data visualization and analysis. Power BI software tools make it easy for you to publish your dashboards and reports online and add a lot more flexibility in your day-to-day operations. One of the cool features of Power BI tools is that you can send your reports to Dropbox which makes it easy to share with colleagues and customers.

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What is a Power BI Dashboard?

A Power BI dashboard is a digital canvas which uses data visualizations to tell a story. Business analysts across various organizations use a Power BI dashboard to display the most important aspects of business data. Likewise, you can utilize elements of Power BI reports to create these dashboards. Additionally, you can view and share Power BI dashboards on mobile phones; however, you can’t create them on the smartphones.

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