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BI Solution On A Small Business Budget

Contrary to popular belief, a business intelligence solution is not exclusive to the multi-million dollar corporations. In fact, if you are a small business owner that uses QuickBooks to track financials or an Excel spreadsheet to track sales, you are already reaping the benefits of business intelligence.

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How To Improve The Banking & Finance Industry With Business Intelligence

Today, the banking and finance industry is being transformed by technology. Mobile devices, apps, and the internet have opened the doors to increased competition and changing client demands as well as the necessity of strict control and risk management in a highly aggressive market. Let’s look at some ways business intelligence is improving the banking and finance industry drive profitability, reduce risks, and create competitive advantages.

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All You Need to Know about BI Dashboard Software

Executives at the highest level know the value of a good BI dashboard software program. A business intelligence dashboard is a data visualization tool that is frequently used by organizations to display their important metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs). A well-built dashboard can consolidate these metrics on a single screen, making the process of decision-making easier for everyone.

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How To Revolutionize Business Intelligence With Power BI Report Scheduling

Power BI report scheduling gives you the power to overcome your most significant BI problems. If you find yourself wasting precious resources on repeating flawed reports, or finished reports do not reach end users fast enough, scheduling will help. This practical set of solutions allows BI reporting software to do what it was designed to do better and quicker.

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Top Three Ways to Get More Out Of Business Intelligence Tools

Business intelligence tools are transforming the market. However, not all users get as much as they should out of these programs. We’ve reviewed the top three ways to boost BI performance. Some may require a secondary investment, but at least one is entirely free.

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