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4 Reasons IT Administrators Should Use Automated Crystal Reports

When it comes to Crystal Reports scheduling, does the old saying “ignorance is bliss” apply? In many ways yes! Sure the reports administrator may not be ignorant of his reports whereabouts, but he is definitely blissful if he isn’t the one manually triggering the reports himself! So, rather than talking features, let’s look at a four ways a reporting administrator's life is bliss when automated Crystal Reports scheduling is implemented.

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Need to Automate Crystal Reports? Here's How.

Modern enterprises must automate their business processes to ensure the timely generation of reports; a key component to devising crucial strategies and making important business decisions. It may not be practical and cost effective to manually generate and send reports every time different departments demand them. Nevertheless, the reports may be crucial and have to be sent. In some cases, corporate reporting staff must work overtime to generate and send reports. This adds to overall operating costs, and forces reporting analysts to divert precious time from writing more effective reports to performing tasks a machine could do. More than ever, analysts have a desire to automate Crystal Reports to save both time and money.

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Crystal Reports Distribution - How To Schedule Crystal Reports

Crystal Report is the application used to process and produce reports from a wide range of data  sources.With Crystal Reports Distribution software or CRD, the running and generation of crystal reports become less complicated and consumes less time. It also gives the option of producing the reports in formats such as MS Word, MS Excel, HTML, RTF, Acrobat, RPT or text format.

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Maximizing Package Schedules: Scheduling Batch Crystal Reports

Scheduling batch Crystal Reports can often be a pain! In some cases you are forced to create a report subscription for each and every .RPT file. In other cases, attempting to combine the report delivery can cause more work than its worth. CRD’s package schedules enable you to export multiple Crystal Reports to the same user or group of users. Instead of the recipient getting several different emails containing one report, the user will receive one neatly presented email containing all of the reports. The reports can even be combined into a single file to make it that much easier for the user to view.

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Getting Started with Crystal Reports

Crystal Reports is a business intelligence application used to create custom reports from a variety of data sources. The main purpose of Crystal Reports is to allow users to pull their desired data from a data source such as Oracle or MS SQL Server database. From there, users can present the data in a repeatable and organized way.

Topics: Crystal Reports Scheduler Crystal Reports Crystal Reports Server