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Christian Ofori-Boateng

Christian Ofori-Boateng

Christian Ofori-Boateng has served as ChristianSteven Software's Chief executive since the company's inception in 2002.

Christian Ofori-Boateng conceived ChristianSteven Software as a solution provider to create and market easy-to-use and intuitive applications specifically for information management and database reporting. The first product, CRD was designed to provide unusual, flexible functionality and capabilities to business with a need to generate and distribute large quantities of business reports on a regular basis. The latest product, PBRS, allows users to produce the same mass export & deliver capability for Power BI & SSRS reports

Today, with over 1,000 clients in 47 countries, ChristianSteven Software specializes in Data Analytics, Business Intelligence, reporting, report distribution, report scheduling, dashboards & automating business processes.

From scheduled BI report delivery to browser-based Data Analytics & mobile-enabled dashboards, the magic sauce is in our proprietary business process automation experience & know-how that leverages business rules, workflows & instant notification capabilities built right into our Business Intelligence, Data Analytics & report distribution solutions.

Recent Posts by Christian Ofori-Boateng:

Power BI Reporting: Employee Prioritization on the Grand Scale

You'd be hard-pressed to find any company that isn't exploring app-based technology and digital solutions to improve how they reach their customers and clients these days. Business leaders are also embracing technology that streamlines processes relating to production, service delivery, and data collection, too. But what about the employee's experience? What can today's companies be doing to enhance how their teams connect inter-departmentally, manage their workloads, and improve cohesive functionality?

The answer could be Power BI Reporting. It's the resource allowing for employee prioritization on a grand scale in today's working environments. And it's how the savviest company leaders are connecting and engaging their teams to drive bottom-line growth and inspire incredible employee experiences and culture. When you take care of your teams by providing them with the necessary business intelligence, tools, and other resources, they'll do precisely that and more.

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Power BI Reporting: The Business Problems to Solve in 2023

End-of-the-year reviews are common in any business environment. It’s around this time of the year that executives are sitting down with their annual reports to explore areas of improvement, spot growth trends, and develop plans for 2023. Another pillar concern for company leaders is problem-solving and challenge anticipation. What business problems are you expecting next year? More importantly, what should you be prepared to solve? Every industry has unique problems to solve  and core offerings. However, these are the most significant, universal challenges facing every business owner in 2023. In this article, we will offer a few insights to help you explore solutions. Spoiler alert, Power BI Reporting and having the right data solutions should be on your shortlist.

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Power BI Reporting: Moving Analytics to Outcomes

Businesses often talk about the need for data-driven decisions. Yet,61% of executives do not believe their organizations view data as an asset. Less than 15% believe their organizations are delivering on their data strategy, and less than 25% see their enterprises as data-driven. Many executives are unhappy with the insights derived from their own data analytics.

Part of the difficulty comes from low data literacy among executives and the workforce. About 60% of executives said they did not derive value from data analytics, and almost 80% of the workforce have little to no confidence in their data intelligence skills. Even if organizations have comprehensive data analytics, their workforce cannot turn those into insights. They need tools such as Power BI Reporting to transform analytics into outcomes.

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Power BI Reporting: Data Management Is Better in the Cloud

The most recent data from Statista indicates that more than 60% of corporate data is now in the cloud. Unfortunately, many organizations migrated their data to the cloud, assuming existing data management practices would transfer. Businesses need to deploy cloud-specific data management strategies if they want to maximize the benefits of cloud migration.

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Power BI Reporting: Countering Emerging Workforce Issues and Changing Culture

The business world is rapidly changing to adapt new strategies for maintaining competitiveness and enhancing revenue streams. As the global community continues to emerge from the coronavirus pandemic, organizational leaders strive to develop a foundation for their organizations to thrive in a new world. Unfortunately, the pre-pandemic workplace can no longer address these new challenges. Workforce issues require new strategies and data-driven approaches.

The pandemic has accelerated the implementation of new working ways and the adoption of digital technology across industries. However, many companies also face a workforce challenge following the effects of the pandemic and the great turnover experienced in the past year. An essential counter mechanism to overcome these challenges is transforming toward a data-driven workforce to maintain competitiveness for the future. 

Read on to learn how Power BI can address current workforce issues and the headwinds of changing culture.

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