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6 Ways Big Data Makes Better Decisions than Assumptions

Prior to analyzing big data, it is important to determine how the application of digital information works with your marketing strategies, and how it delivers value to your enterprise. The fact is there are several ways big data helps your business make concrete decisions, rather than just assumptions about your business and goals. We address six of these methods in this post.

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Creation of a Complete Customer Profile

Big data analytics the ability for you to understand your customers better. This is because it provides a high-resolution view of their behaviors, activities, values, and preferences. When this information is gathered and analyzed, you can determine how better to deliver relevancy to your market. If no data is available, the messaging is much less targeted, resulting in lower conversion rates.

Attribution Modeling

Regardless of whether you follow the last interaction model, time decay, or linear, data is considered the bread of the attribution-model butter. It’s important to determine first touch, conversion points, various abandonment points, last touch, and other areas of interaction that reveal where the messaging is strong and where you should upgrade your assets. Big data allows you to see this clearly and make necessary adjustments.


Once your data sets offer a view of your customers, creating relevant engagements becomes easier. You no longer have to guess what a customer may like or respond to. Proof of customer response exists in the data collected.

Testing Enablement

Any good marketer will know the value of testing. However, you are no longer bound to guesswork when it comes to split testing, product development, or market evaluation. Customers can actually tell you the direction to go as various value propositions present themselves. With big data, the results of testing are clear, concise, and offer a high level of value.

Product Development

When it comes to the development of an actual product, there are several points that determine failure or success, but before settling on these, be sure the data supports it. When you have information, the solutions you provide are more valuable. Using data as a developmental tool will tell you know exactly what to do and why.

Prediction and Forecasting

With the help of big data tools, guessing the future of a product or even an entire company is no longer a gamble. You can easily forecast the future, and know what direction a particular aspect of the business is going. This takes all the guesswork out of whether or not a product or business is, and will be successful.

With big data software, businesses no longer have to guess or make assumptions about the future. Without the hassle of guesswork, you can be empowered to make decisions and guide your business toward solutions that customers actually want. In the end, you are left with more appealing products and solutions.

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