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Five Ways Big Data Affects Your Life

Big data creates lots of interesting challenges for businesses and developers, but it’s an essential part of today’s economy. Big data’s role goes beyond that, however. It also plays a key role in today’s social activities. Its influence and use in the health industry continue to grow. Big data is the man behind the curtain for today’s digital magic. It impacts almost all parts of life, and it’s essentially impossible for businesses or individuals to accomplish daily tasks without it. Big data is an information technology revolution that affects daily life around the world. Although its uses are only limited by human imagination, here are three of its most influential roles in today’s society.

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Big Data and Online Shopping

Nothing demonstrates the power and influence of big data in today’s world like online shopping. Although a customer may visit a website with a specific, simple goal in mind, the mechanics at work behind the scenes are tremendously complicated. Big data analytics use everything from the buyer’s previous shopping habits to which items customers most often buy together, to accumulate data and make suggestions. This allows online markets to instantly read and understand a customer, even if it is the first time the customer has visited that particular website. Without big data, online merchants would be selling blindly.

Big Data and Records

Big data may not be able to replace doctors, but big data can serve as an incredibly competent nurse. In the age of digital records, big data can examine and compare compiled patient files with symptoms, family medical history, and other information that may point to an undiagnosed condition. Rather than waiting for the patient to report symptoms, doctors can wield preventative medicine more effectively than ever. This technology might even become more effective, as genetic and chemical testing becomes more common, and get integrated into the system. Although most of the health industry uses big data sparingly at present, essentially all future plans include a growing role for this technology.

Big Data and Maps

Big data software plays a role in essentially all current maps and map-related apps on your mobile phone. If you’re looking for restaurants, tracking deliveries, or simply capturing imaginary monsters, big data has revolutionized maps. In order to perform these functions, mobile phones must be able to not only provide data for the user but also constantly collect information needed for the application to function. This is the great talent of big data.

Big Data and Fitness

Anyone with a smart watch or FitBit knows they can depend on their little device to serve as a second brain. It stores personal data and information about their fitness experiences that they may access at any time. Without big data, these devices could never perform all the functions needed to simply provide the information available and the home screen.

Big Data and Music

Although many music lovers still collect personal music libraries, they still use services like Pandora and Spotify to find new music. These websites provide personalized stations full of music tailored to the individual listener. Big data notes every liked, skipped, or repeated song, allowing the application to learn and adapt to an individual’s taste in genre, artist, and more.

Big data doesn’t need to advertise itself. It’s everywhere, and it will continue to grow as we learn new, innovative ways to exploit its potential. Today, it’s in everything from music to healthcare. Where will it go tomorrow?

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