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How To Streamline A Borderless Enterprise With IntelliFront BI

The borderless enterprise promises not only faster services today but rapid growth and adaptability for tomorrow. Of course, IT without borders comes with many new challenges. For instance, handling many data from many different sources is chief among them. This new burden threatens to limit the advantages businesses derive from the speed and agility of borderless enterprise. 

IntelliFront BI | Business Intelligence

A Borderless enterprise typically involves divided storage and individual, unique data sets. The advantages of such things as SaaS software require the Cloud, and that invalidates traditional business intelligence practices. However, business Intelligence is evolving to meet those needs, and Intellifront BI from Christian Steven Software is leading the field.

Features and Efficiency

Intellifront BI is the next generation of business intelligence. It fulfills multiple roles, making it one of the most cost-efficient upgrades on the market, and it was designed with borderless enterprise in mind.

Any business with a SQL Server or Crystal Reports for Business Intelligence can increase speed, agility, and ease-of-use with this single product. Real-time dashboards ensure all data is accurate, and users never have to wait for the most recent numbers. On-demand reports allow rapid evaluation, diagnosis, and planning.

It may not be the only software working to streamline the borderless enterprise, but Intellifront BI is more affordable than the competition. It was also named Second in Business Intelligence Software Products for 2016. Not only do you get a superior product, but it will pay for itself in very little time.

Although it provides a centralized solution for data management, Intellifront BI also equips users with the tools they need for self-help and independent work. This software works to enhance your business’s existing programs, not replace them, so you get the most out of your software without replacing useful systems.


Security is another leading problem with the borderless enterprise. Borderless enterprise creates different security needs than a business with its own on-site servers requires. The world is a big place, and the digital world is bigger. Since data comes from many services, your business faces additional points of exposure. Many services provide security for the data created and/or stored with their business, but your data is still at risk, especially in your own office.

Intellifront BI makes more business, more secure and even helps you operate more efficiently. This software uses advanced security features designed for the new world of data. Its high availability architecture takes security a step further.

The borderless enterprise gives your business opportunities that were unimaginable only a few years ago. Business intelligence is changing, too. As the world shifts to accommodate the borderless enterprise, it’s critical to use adaptive solutions that can keep pace with the speed and changes brought by these systems. Companies who have yet to invest in a SQL Server or Crystal Reports can still take advantage of Intellifront BI so they’re prepared to get the most out of these programs the moment they’re purchased. Intellifront BI isn’t just great software, it’s the Second Business Intelligence Product of 2016.
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