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How to Enhance SSRS Scheduling with SQL-RD

In our ever-changing technological world, the foundation of a business's success is highly reliant upon the business technology that is available in today's market. In this competitive era, what matters most is how you utilize and apply that technology. Using software tools, such as SQL-RD, I will illustrate how to enhance SSRS scheduling. You can employ a more advanced technique that can set your business apart from your competitors. SQL-RD is a comprehensive software that allows you to use Microsoft SQL-Server Reporting Services (or SSRS) in a more proficient manner.How To Enhance SSRS Scheduling With SQL-RD

SQL is one of the most popular pieces of software consistently used throughout many organizations. This tool can empower businesses to organize data in a useful form. Using SQL efficiently can completely transform the processes of a company and make it more productive, efficient, and streamlined. SQL Server Reporting Services can help in automating systems to generate useful information as per a company's particular requirements.

Handling data efficiently is one of the most important facets of an organization. It involves assimilating relevant data, processing it, and then disseminating it to various departments in a way that meets organizational requirements. It is also equally important to ensure that the departments receive data in a timely manner. This can all be accomplished with SQL-RD. Within SQL-RD, there are various types of SQL reports that can be used to achieve these goals. Let's take a look how.

Single Report Schedule

The Single Report Schedule is the simplest and easiest way to schedule a report for delivery. It involves defining the report you wish to schedule, determining when and at what interval you would like it to be run, selecting parameters (if any), and setting the destination(s) of the report. It can be exported through various formats, including Excel, PDF, and Word.

Single Schedule Report | SQL-RD

Package Report Schedules

Package Report Schedules guide you through the process of setting up a number of reports to be generated at defined intervals and delivered to one or more defined destinations - together. This is a favorite amongst SQL-RD users.

For example:  Your entire monthly report pack (consisting of a number of reports) can be sent to a recipient with all reports attached to a single email.  You can zip up the reports into a single zip file, export them out to a single Excel workbook, or export them in a single PDF.

Package Schedule Report | SQL-RD

Dynamic Package Schedules

Dynamic Package Schedules allow you to create packages of at least two reports which share a common key parameter. This allows you to create a package of reports to be delivered to a unique destination. 

For example: We can create a Dynamic Package to deliver the Marketing and Sales reports for clients and deliver this set to a unique destination.

Dynamic Package Schedule | SQL-RD

In brief, you can enhance your organization’s SSRS Scheduling with SQL-RD. It uses ground breaking technology, which allows you to lend a professional touch to your processes in addition to reducing time and saving your business money. If those sound like benefits your company would like to have, click the link below for additional information!

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