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The Best Self-service Reporting SSRS Software For Time Management

Time management is a never-ending fight for decision makers in any industry. Programs like self-service reporting SSRS software can change that. This software makes BI tasks much easier and restores a more natural form of labor distribution. All of this adds up to saved labor hours.The Best Self-service Reporting SSRS Software For Time Management | SQL-RD | IntelliFront BI

Labor Distribution

According to the traditional BI model, decision makers must submit report requests to the IT department. Employees in that department then take the time to refine and run the report on complex software they’ve been trained to use. In the meantime, the decision maker is forced to wait and hope the report arrives promptly. Even if the report arrives when expected, the delay caused by travel between departments, varying priorities, and misplaced workloads lessens its accuracy. After all, the older data grows, the less accurate it becomes.

Self-service reporting in business intelligence changes everything. Decision makers have the tools they need to make decisions without sending requests to other departments. This software requires very little training to use, so essentially anyone can use it. This division of labor benefits all sides of the equation. Time management improves for multiple departments. IT no longer needs to prioritize reports for other departments and can focus on repairs, updates, and BI analysis. Decision makers receive information faster, which leads to more effective decisions.

Scheduled and Event Triggered Reports

Self-service reporting SSRS software tools like IntelliFront BI gives users multiple report generation options from a single, simple control module. This module is the heart of the program, and it comes with every version of IntelliFront BI. This range of report options makes all the difference when efficiently handling BI tasks. By scheduling these different kinds of report in advance, decision makers have more time free for analysis.

Users can schedule SSRS reports at regular, time-based intervals. These kinds of reports are essential for any serious BI plan. Without regular insight and thorough knowledge of your business’s day to day performance numbers, focus reports are useless. It takes extensive data to build the best plans, and you can only ask the right questions if you know what is and is not normal in performance and revenue reports.

IntelliFront BI also gives users the power to schedule reports on events. Event triggers range from shifts in critical data sets to new emails. Whatever data you deem important you can use to trigger a report. This action keeps users up to date with the most important changes in their business. They know before a regularly scheduled report would reach them and they’re free to continue with day to day business between reports. Knowing in advance that critical updates will arrive in your inbox as a report allows you to make decisions with confidence.

Programs like IntelliFront BI have many benefits, and several support better time management practices. Users no longer need to pass off their most important work, and they have access to important data as it develops. There are many ways to trim down labor hours, but few have as many secondary benefits as self-service reporting SSRS software.

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