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The Power of Self-Service Reporting Scheduling Tools for Small Businesses

Every small business can grow with the help of self-service reporting scheduling tools. These innovative programs bring out the best in BI solutions by returning the power to the hands of decision-makers. Through these tools, information is more valuable, and reports return in less time. These build a foundation for growth and increased profits.The Power of Self-Service Reporting Scheduling Tools for Small Businesses | IntelliFront BI


Waiting for someone else to order and send a report inevitably devalues the information. Even a short delay could limit the report’s usability, especially in times of high opportunity or crisis. Requesting reports simply wastes time, and since the report’s value is linked with speed, this is a serious problem. It’s easy to understand why many small and growing businesses choose to do without business intelligence, despite its many advantages.

Self-service reporting scheduling software, like IntelliFront BI, increase report speed significantly by cutting out the middlemen. The program is easy to use, and virtually anyone can learn to master it over a period of hours or days. This gives decision-makers and upper management the ability to order their own reports. This, in turn, generates faster, more valuable, information. Businesses do not need to invest as many labor hours to get results, and their results are intrinsically more accurate.


Tools like IntelliFront BI allow users to condense hours of repetitive work into a single task. This dramatically improves how BI teams and decision-makers handle and utilize their business intelligence work. After all, the less time needed for basic tasks, the more time is left for advanced planning and implementation. However, this isn't the only way self-service reporting scheduling boosts efficiency.

By scheduling reports, users ensure the regular reports and intermittent updates always reach the correct recipients. It's easy for minor oversights to double necessary work. For example, if a user sends out a report, but forgets a few key readers, then he or she may have to repeat the entire process, based on the report system's features. Self-service reporting scheduling not only prevents the majority of these oversights but also helps users correct mistakes quickly.

Foundations for Rapid Growth

Small businesses usually grow very rapidly. Unlike large corporations, it isn't impossible for a small business to essentially double or triple its customer base and profit margin over a year or two. These rapid changes demand rapid solutions and immediate answers. Self-service reporting scheduling tools like IntelliFront BI allow users to plan ahead, get the most accurate information about immediate concerns, and build a solid foundation for critical decisions. These benefits make the difference between growth and stagnation in competitive local, online, and international marketplaces. Self-service reporting automation gives a small business owner the power of business intelligence without the costs of traditional BI programs.

It's hard to argue against the value of a good business intelligence program. Self-service reporting scheduling tools help businesses of all sizes transform data into actionable information with less cost and more accurate results. These results make a small business's path to success easier to see.

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