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3 Ways BI Software Keeps IT on Top Of Their Game!

If you work in a company with an IT department, it's no surprise that IT can slow down your productivity. What if we told you that business intelligence, or BI, can help? Let's take a look at 3 ways BI software keeps IT on top of their game.

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Wait your turn

Your company has a great team of IT technicians. They make sure the internet stays up and running, maintain computer systems, and gather the data needed for reports, meetings, and decision-making. Your company wouldn't be the same without them, but that leads us to problem number one: If you need IT support, you have to get in line. There usually aren't enough IT employees to support your entire company at once. You can put in a request, but they have to find the data, sort the data, and compile it into a report for you. And you have to wait your turn.

BI streamlines the data collecting process. Your IT department can pull up the information you need with one query search and get it to you quickly. This efficiency keeps you from waiting and frees up your IT team for technical issues.

Real-time reports 

You put in an IT request, but it may be hours, days, or sometimes weeks before you get what you need. Business Intelligence can help. With self-service BI, you can get the reports you need whenever you need them. BI software gathers data and turns it into reports that make sense to you, and to those you need to share it with. With the help of BI software, the IT team can even set up automated reports that get delivered to your inbox on demand. Whether it's monthly reports or an update at the start of every day, your data will be waiting for you. Business intelligence can also offer you and your team real-time data - up to the moment information, especially important in industries like healthcare. Having real-time data keeps your workflow moving efficiently and effectively.

Gathering data is just that 

Data means nothing if you can't understand it. With business intelligence software, creating intelligible reports is a piece of cake. IT can gather data for you, but business intelligence can turn it into something you can use.

Your IT team is great, and you need them to keep things running, but sometimes IT slows down your productivity. When that starts to happen, it's the perfect time to invest in business intelligence software. It will help get your productivity back on track, and help your company run more efficiently.

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