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How Real-Time Dashboards Are Superior To Customer Service

The internet allows immediate access to all kinds of information, and your customers want to know more about your business. More than that, they want data. New tools like real-time dashboards, provide customers with the tools they need to answer their own questions. The data drawn from these dashboards and analytics, update in real time, making it more accurate than any periodical report. Without a doubt, these dashboards are a clever way to provide superior customer service, while trimming your department’s budget.

How Real-Time Dashboards Are Superior To Customer Service | IntelliFront BI

Customers Want to Be Involved

Although the internet gives customers unparalleled access to information, many paid services have responded by this ease of access by limiting the data available to customers. Customers, however, consider open access to information a sign of trustworthiness. While you may not want anyone on the internet to have access to real-time information about your business, there’s rarely a reason to keep that data from customers. A real-time dashboard allows users to feel directly involved. It also boosts confidence in your business.

Whether your company trades stocks or teaches students, your customers will want access to your data. Most reports only offer general reassurances that a business is solid. Unfortunately, that usually means the data has, inevitably, been watered down to be more presentable. This leads customers to distrust the information in business-compiled reports, believing it to be influenced by the compiler’s agenda, consciously or otherwise. A real-time dashboard draws straight from the business data you would use to compile reports, but it answers customer queries on demand. A simple search function essentially allows customers to compile their own reports. The information they receive is as accurate as the data decision makers at the head of your business use to guide the company.

A Real-Time Dashboard Saves Resources

Since customers will want to be involved and educated regardless of whether or not you use a real-time dashboard, you can save money by giving them the tools and saving your own labor. Without access to self-service tools like a real-time dashboard, customers will have to contact your business directly with questions. Providing essential information to your customers may be about meeting legal requirements, and not just fulfilling customer service standards. Compiling regular reports is time-consuming enough without replying to additional requests for more information on specific topics.

By making a real-time dashboard available in a customer portal, you can staunch the flow of money leaving your customer service department. A real-time dashboard is a one-time investment that begins saving labor hours for your IT staff and customer service team immediately. If you manage this resource properly and ensure your customers know how the new system works, it can even boost return customers and word of mouth advertising.

Customers demand honesty, and nothing is more honest than raw data. With the tools to explore that data, customers can provide answers to their own questions. As the data changes, so will their answers. It’s by far the most accurate way to keep your customers informed. It saves your business time and money at the same time. A real-time dashboard is a one-time investment for long-term customer relationships.

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