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ChristianSteven Software Business Intelligence Blog

3 Industries That Use Business Intelligence To Support Decision Making

Data visualization tools give companies a way to stay competitive in their market verticles. How does business intelligence support decision making using data visualization? I will take a brief look at how major companies in three industries are using business intelligence to increase efficiency and profits through timely and informed decision making.

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Deploy SSRS Data Driven Subscriptions On A Shoestring

Hundreds of companies of varying verticals and sizes rely on SQL Server’s reporting system. Known as SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), it is used to design and generate reports on a scheduled or adhoc basis. SSRS has a basic scheduler designed for simple automated report distribution, but what if your business requires complex event driven and data driven subscriptions? What if you not only needed to automate SQL reports, but you require tasks to be automated such as database updates or system alerts? In this blog, I will discuss how SSRS automated report generation, Data Driven Subscriptions, and business process automation using SQL-RD can solve this problem. Additionally, I will give a little insight into Zintel, a leading provider of communications technology solutions to businesses across New Zealand and Australia, and how SQL-RD solved this problem for them.

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IntelliFront BI™: The Future of Business Intelligence Part 2 of 2

In response to the market challenges and principles described, we're very pleased to announce our next-generation Business Intelligence Solution, IntelliFront BI™ (Intelligence Frontier). It represents a major leap forward in capability, ease-of-use, and cost efficiency for enterprises that have invested (or will invest) in an SQL Server® or Crystal Reports portfolio ®. It will, in effect, supercharge Microsoft®'s and SAP ®'s offerings and deliver unprecedented value for streamlining the borderless enterprise.
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IntelliFront BI™: The Future of Business Intelligence Part 1 of 2

Profound changes in the Business Intelligence industry and in the marketplace compelled us to take a hard look at how we should evolve to continue delivering superior value to our customers. This was our commitment when we started the company nearly fifteen years ago, and it remains a bedrock principle for us today. We recently decided that it's a good time to share our thinking publicly. In this two part blog I will discuss the following topics:
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3 Ways SSRS Data Driven Subscriptions Can Be Customer Driven

Customers want to have it their way in all things, including the way they view relevant information. Users want their reports (invoices, sales slips, system snapshots) to be presented in the format they want, showing only the information relevant to their needs, and delivered to the location of their choice. On demand reporting environments naturally give users this level of customization to their reporting. Can the same “have it your way” mentality be applied to a scheduled report environment? Let’s look at a few ways SSRS Data Driven Subscriptions let customers and users get reports any way they want them.

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Top 3 Ways Business Intelligence Can Help IT Analysts

In today's world, information technology (IT) analysts are of significant importance. They keep a business running smoothly and provide every department with the data needed to fuel each of their tasks, but when IT analysts struggle to complete their reports or keep software up and running, the rest of the organization crumbles. Who is there to support the IT analysts? That's where ChristianSteven Software and Business Intelligence (BI) comes in. Can Business Intelligence help IT analysts?

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3 Reasons Business Intelligence In Healthcare Is Critical

When you think of the healthcare industry, you probably go straight to the “care” part. Doctor visits, hospital stays, and the like are probably what comes to mind. In order to keep the “care” part working, the business side of things needs to be running smoothly, too. I will discuss a few reasons Business Intelligence in Healthcare is critical to success.

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