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Crystal Report Distribution: Be In The Driver's Seat

The word ‘information’ may sound very official and serious, but actually it can have a fun element also! It is true, especially for an employee whose record sales figure reaches the entire organization at the same time. Welcome to the world of Crystal Report Distribution (CRD) where there are no boundaries and every process entails excellence. It has evolved as an effective automation tool which will enable you to develop a seamless organization.

Crystal Report Distribution: Be In The Driver's Seat | CRD

Crystal Reports Distributor is a highly effective automation tool which will allow you to customize the features of Crystal Reports. It can assist you in delivering cutting edge reports to various departments within your organization in a prescribed format and frequency. In addition, CRD will also allow you to customize your Crystal Reports in order to make them highly functional for different users. The automation tool will streamline your business processes and help you save on more important things, like time and money.

Using CRD is easy and is widely accepted around the world. There are so many industries that now integrate CRD with their business processes to achieve a higher efficiency. Companies can go from doing their entire business processes manually to automating all their reporting needs.

You can fix it and forget it. Why spend countless hours of manually labor sending out reports and doing unnecessary tedious work, when you can easily automate your Crystal reports?  Adopting the Crystal Report Distributor can change the scenario completely within your organization.

CRD can be easily integrated with Crystal Reports and your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system within your company. See how CRD can enable your company to deliver personalized reports to the right person at the right time. With CRD less mistakes are made and time is saved. You cannot lose when automating your Crystal reports. Start your free trial today!

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