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Are You Wasting Resources on Business Intelligence Reports?

Business intelligence reports are supposed to help businesses save money. So why do they end up costing so much? Users must continuously reinvest into their BI software in order to profit, but not all systems provide the rapid turnaround buyers expect. While many variables are influencing every business’s BI results, many frustrated users have some things in common. Below are the worst ways BI tools waste your resources along with the best way to combat these losses.

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8 Essential Steps To Business Intelligence Success Part 1 of 2

Today's digital world has released an explosion of data, and Business Intelligence is evolving. Innovative companies now rely on BI to instantly assimilate, transform and analyze this endless stream of information to make perfectly-timed business decisions. Choosing the perfect BI solution to ensure your company thrives and maintains a competitive edge into the future may be daunting, it can seem like a big mountain to climb.

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BI Solution On A Small Business Budget

Contrary to popular belief, a business intelligence solution is not exclusive to the multi-million dollar corporations. In fact, if you are a small business owner that uses QuickBooks to track financials or an Excel spreadsheet to track sales, you are already reaping the benefits of business intelligence.

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