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4 Killer BI Productivity Features Your IT Department Will Love

When business intelligence takes off in a company, IT is usually the first to notice because they are the ones saddled with business users’ requests for more reports and more frequent runs. Automating BI information and BI report delivery recoups lost IT productivity, but what about your users? These four features will delight business users and make them more productive too.4 Killer BI Productivity Features Your Business Will Love | IntelliFront BI

1. Sending multiple BI reports in one message

The hundreds of BI reports your company creates probably go to a handful of leaders who don’t base decisions on one BI report and don’t have the time to wade through numerous e-mails to find the reports they need.

IntelliFront BI can deliver a package of BI reports. Instead of 10 e-mail messages, one BI report per message; users can receive all 10 reports in a single e-mail. Reports can even be compressed and encrypted to reduce bandwidth and keep business intelligence secure.

2. The ability to merge reports

Consolidating e-mail is a step towards a better BI productivity experience, but many users prefer all related BI reports in a single file. Give users what they want by saving multiple BI reports in expanded PDFs and Excel workbooks.

Other features include the ability to merge and split documents as part of a job, translate a report’s group tree into PDF bookmarks, and save individual BI reports under Excel workbook tabs with custom labels that tell users which reports are in their workbooks.

3. BI reports in formats that suit users’ needs

One user wants a PDF, and another wants the same report in Microsoft Excel? This is no problem because ChristianSteven supports more than 20 different file formats.

In addition to the basics: Excel, Word, PDF, text, rich text, and CSV, we also support Lotus 1-2-3, XML, DIF, TIFF, and dBase II, III, and IV. BI reports can even be saved in HTML and embedded into the body of an e-mail message.

4. Immediate notification & BI reports on demand

An increasingly mobile workforce requires BI reports wherever business users are. Aside from e-mail and file folders, reports should be available on a SharePoint server or company portal; automatically sent to printers and fax machines; transferred via FTP/ FTPS or dropbox, and be available on demand on any device.Email, cell phone text, and device notifications alert users when new reports are available, giving them accurate, up-to-date information with which to make better business decisions.

These are just a few honorable mentions. There are so many ways that business intelligence and report automation can make a difference in your IT department . See how we can help your company regain lost productivity. Learn more about business intelligence and how it can help your IT department today. 

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