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Business Intelligence Dashboards Make You an Expert

Working with new BI software is daunting, especially if you have no official training or previous experience. Fortunately, BI is a friendlier world for newcomers than it has ever been before. This is due in large part to the advent of helpful, intuitive dashboards.

Business Intelligence Dashboards That Can Make You Look LIke an Expert

User-Friendly Design

The most high-tech solutions for any industry almost always feature complex, confusing design schemes. Only the designers could tell you whether these layouts are meant to showcase all the available options or simply confuse new users. These systems serve as convenient gatekeepers. Because they essentially demand separate training in order to understand and operate them, they keep the most critical roles in the hands of a select few. However, the professionals who use them typically have other, more useful skills. Since they are the only ones who know how to use the program, however, that job takes up a huge amount of their work hours. This is how BI software has operated until the very recent past. By creating simple, easy to access dashboards that make sense to general users, intuitive designs are opening BI to a broader range of roles.

Real Time Reporting

One important part of business intelligence dashboards is the ability to run searches. However, many of the best programs circumvent unnecessary searches by keeping key data updated as part of a real-time display. This could be anything from daily sales numbers to users on a business’s website. When current, precise data is part of an employee’s role, this simple dashboard improvement prevents extra work and wasted time. It’s easy to be an expert when all you have to do is pull up the screen to check the numbers.


Business intelligence dashboards allow you to explore every corner of your business, but your most-visited data points will by your key performance indicators. These can be tied into real-time reporting dashboards, as discussed above. They can also be marked as favorite searches. Even if you use the most rudimentary business intelligence dashboards, these numbers will be easy to find. They may have a dashboard of their own, or they may be a few clicks away.

In any case, business intelligence dashboards create easy access to KPIs. This cuts through the endless process of reporting and condensing that ultimately leads to top decision makers. This makes you an expert in more than just BI technology. It makes a great manager, director, or decision maker.

Intuitive Search Functions

Designing the search parameters for a Business Intelligence report is a critical skill for any user. Thanks to an intuitive design, this process is much easier than it ever has been before. Business intelligence dashboards now guide users through the process of selecting data sets and determining report guidelines. A simple tutorial is enough to make anyone a data-hunting professional.

You don’t have to know all the secret shortcuts in the command control prompt in order to be a BI expert. All you need is a good dashboard that addresses your greatest needs. Dashboards have you covered with everything from real-time reporting to simple search functions and KPI displays.

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