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Crystal Reports Scheduling Can Deliver In The Healthcare Industry

Healthcare organizations are busy building their EMR systems, upgrading their infrastructure and improving existing processes. A Crystal Reports scheduling software can save time by automatically delivering vital reports such as Operating Room Schedules, distributing immunization reports, Risk Management Summaries, and even medicine inventory reports. If the Crystal Reports scheduling software has an Event Driven scheduling engine, there are even more possibilities.

Event Driven Crystal Reports Scheduling Software And The Healthcare Industry | CRD

Real-time Reporting

You can get real-time reporting on inventory for supplies and equipment. Many hospitals, clinics and other healthcare facilities use Crystal Reports scheduling software to manage inventory. For example, if a certain drug is reaches below 100 capsules, then more will automatically be ordered, or an alert can be sent to the pharmacist on duty. A weekly report of total supplies can be delivered to procurement so that they are aware of what to order, and even track trends accordingly.

Real-time Alerts

Real time alerts can be created using the event driven scheduler to automatically notify nurses, doctors or systems administrators of certain occurrences. For example, General Hospital operates several satellite branches throughout the county. Each branch has to transmit updated patient to the main facility every hour. The event driven system can be designed to monitor this process. If data wasn’t transmitted on time, then an alert can be triggered to the systems administrator for investigation.

Data Verification 

In many cases, prior to a report’s delivery, data must be verified. Crystal Reports scheduling software combined with an event driven engine can perform “checks” for data prior to the reports distribution. This ensures that no report is sent unless the data is valid and up to date. Savvy administrators can combine this concept into a larger business process.

The applications for Crystal Reports scheduling software and event driven systems are endless. The need will of course vary between different healthcare organizations, but there will always be a common denominator; the need to distribute information as quickly and accurately as possible. Don't wait. Download your free trial today! 

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