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Getting Started with Crystal Reports

Crystal Reports is a business intelligence application used to create custom reports from a variety of data sources. The main purpose of Crystal Reports is to allow users to pull their desired data from a data source such as Oracle or MS SQL Server database. From there, users can present the data in a repeatable and organized way.

Crystal Reports Scheduler

Why Crystal Reports?

Using Crystal Reports, you can create a clear picture of your business based on data from practically any source. This intuitive business intelligence tool will help you give your colleagues, customers, and collaborators the information they need in the format of their choice. Report design and viewing become fairly easy with Crystal Reports.

Flexibility in Crystal Reports

Crystal Reports provides you with a powerful and actionable reporting solution that helps you design, visualize, and deliver reports via the web or embedded in enterprise applications. You can design highly formatted, interactive, and professional-looking reports. Additionally, you have complete control of the report layout and formatting options to create a customized report. Custom parameters can also be used in the reports to filter data by allowing users to enter values or choose from a pick list, providing more flexibility.

Integration across Multiple Databases

Crystal Reports can integrate data from multiple databases. Therefore, users are not limited to using one data source. Since many companies store their data on different systems, crystal reports provide an added benefit. This is also a good feature for organizations that acquire other companies and have to integrate data which is distributed across different systems.

Crystal Reports Formats

Crystal Reports are previewed in HTML and published to the web for easy and controlled sharing. Reports can also be exported and reused in the most popular formats, such as PDF, Excel, and RTF. Having access to these many formats makes it quite efficient for analysts to create and share crystal reports with the decision makers in their organization.

How to Schedule & Distribute Crystal Reports

ChristianSteven Software offers CRD (Crystal Reports Distributor) which is a Crystal Reports Scheduler that saves time and money through automation. You can run reports automatically and send the reports to print, fax, folder, FTP, SMS, Dropbox, SharePoint and email in a number of standard formats including Excel, Word, PDF, RPT and more. With so many output formats and enhanced formatting and manipulation options, CRD gives you the flexibility to satisfy your formatting & automation requirements with ease.

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