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Learn How To Download Crystal Reports Into Excel With Ease

Crystal Reports provide a highly efficient way to organize and analyze your business intelligence data. Not only do they give you the power to pull your desired data from multiple data sources, but they also allow you to present your business data in a repeatable manner. Many companies use crystal reports to keep the decision-makers informed in their organization.shutterstock_699112366-compressorCrystal Reports are known for their difficulty in preserving the exact format into Excel. Crystal report to Excel transformation can be especially cumbersome for complex reports that have multiple sub-reports and sections. However, if you follow specific standard best practices, you can design your reports such that it is easy to reproduce in excel format. 

CRD for Crystal Reports

ChristianSteven Software has multiple business intelligence tools, one of which is CRD (Crystal Reports Distributor). Using CRD, crystal report to Excel transformation becomes easier for business analysts. CRD also saves time and money by making it easy to automate various tasks for you. You can schedule and run your crystal reports automatically and send them to print, fax, folder, FTP, SMS, Dropbox, SharePoint, and email. Besides Excel, CRD also supports a number of other formats including Word, PDF, and RPT.

Transforming Crystal Report to Excel

With a more extensive variety of output formats and enhanced formatting options than any other crystal reports scheduling tool, CRD gives you the flexibility to satisfy your formatting requirements with ease. As far as transforming crystal report to Excel is concerned, you can use Excel for data and work with Excel 7, 8, & 97-2000 versions. CRD allows you to customize the Excel worksheet name and combine report groups into separate worksheets in the same Excel workbook.

CRD also lets you merge a package of multiple reports as individual worksheets in a single workbook. While transforming crystal reports to Excel format, you can set document properties such as Title, Author, Company, etc. as well as enable password protection.

ChristianSteven Software takes pride in all its offerings and CRD is undoubtedly one of them.Customers using CRD consider it as one of their best investments that they have made.Beyond its basic functionality, CRD can extend its capabilities to satisfy your needs as your business demands and your crystal reports scheduling needs grow. 

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