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The Difference the Right Crystal Reports Server Can Make

Changing your Crystal Reports server offers a surprising range of benefits. One change creates opportunities to save time, build a broader use of users, and generally boost BI results. All it takes is the right choice for your Crystal Reports server.The Difference the Right Crystal Reports Server Can Make | CRD

Single Portal Access

When you can access all of your most essential tools through a single portal, you save lots of time and confusion. The right Crystal Reports server breaks the traditional delegation model for BI reports. Improved ease of use allows decision makers to utilize Crystal Reports independently, while simultaneously allowing a more significant number of potential users. Lower operating costs and faster service open the door to new BI techniques and applications that could benefit you in new and surprising ways. Excellent business intelligence requires innovation and a wide range of insights, after all.

Automated Scheduling

There are no significant drawbacks to business intelligence automation. Scheduling reports saves tremendous amounts of time, reduces the potential for human error, and facilitates better BI habits. A good Crystal Reports server, such as IntelliFront BI, gives you plenty of options to customize security details, recipient lists, and delivery methods. No matter how unique or complicated your regular reports may be, scheduling is easier than you think. This is especially true since you only have to define and schedule these reports once.

Automation extends beyond timing-based scheduling, however. Event triggers ensure users have the latest information at all times. Programs like IntelliFront BI allow you to set up a future report that will automatically generate whenever a particular data set changes. It’s easy to see the advantages of this system. Although good BI habits require a lot of reviewing and analysis time, sometimes you need to react quickly to new data. Failure to address developing problems early on only leads to more significant issues, and many opportunities disappear in a matter of hours. Event triggered reports ensure you know about risks and opportunities as they develop.

On-Demand Features

Real-time information is invaluable in today’s busy workplace. One of the advantages of a new Crystal Reports server like IntelliFront BI is easy access to a range of on-demand services, such as real-time dashboard numbers and KPIs. Reports remain an invaluable part of any BI system, but on-demand, real-time information negates the need for a lot of unnecessary work. Instead of running a full report, you can simply take a look at the real-time KPIs on your dashboard through the convenient portal we mentioned earlier in this article. The benefits of programs like IntelliFront BI build on each other to create greater convenience and improved performance.

Changing your Crystal Reports BI server may not be the first BI solution you consider, but IntelliFront BI can make a huge difference in how much you benefit from Crystal Reports. It expands your potential user base, increases productivity, and reduces costs. It just goes to show that a relatively small change can make a huge difference.

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