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Why You Need a Crystal Reports Server Replacement

Do you need a Crystal Reports server replacement? The signs may be hiding in small inefficiencies across your business. Whether you have noticeable losses or merely lost opportunities, the right Crystal Reports solution can help.Why You Need a Crystal Reports Server Replacement | IntelliFront BI | Crystal Reports

You Aren’t Getting the Most out of Crystal Reports

A sure sign that you need a Crystal Reports server replacement is a lack of productivity. If the resources you dedicate to utilizing the program don’t earn back their value or fail to turn a profit, then you need to change your approach. The right Crystal Reports server can help you change your techniques through different available tools. Products like IntelliFront BI make it easier to get more done in less time through advanced scheduling options. This single benefit allows you to get more development time and a greater number of reports out of the same available labor hours. Sometimes you don’t need to dedicate more time to a project to get better results.

Your IT Team Is Overworked

As useful as Crystal Reports may be, it can be particularly time-consuming, especially if you follow traditional BI workflow models. Any time you delegate part of a task, you increase the likelihood of delays. You simultaneously reduce efficiency as well. Products like IntelliFront BI offer the possibility of changing how you perform business intelligence work. It doesn’t force you to change, though. In either case, it can give your IT team a much-needed break. A combination of labor-saving scheduling and on-demand features ensures the IT department doesn’t perform needlessly repetitive labor. The same features help employees find answers and deliver reports much faster. In both cases, employees suffer less interruption to their own workflows. Your IT team represents one of your most valuable assets. Wasting it on repetitive labor and delegated work is a significant loss.

Decision Makers Want Better Access

Delay is one of the most frustrating aspects of a decision maker’s role. Whenever a decision maker is the end user of a process they do not control, they have to deal with vast amounts of lost time. Multitasking has its limits, and it isn’t the most productive work model anyway. Decision makers do their best work when they have access to their own tools. This includes Crystal Reports. A Crystal Reports server replacement makes it possible for non-IT personnel to use the system. This includes decision makers. With access to a user-friendly system with a range of report generation functions they can handle independently, decision makers can make better choices in less time. By controlling the software themselves, decision makers also gain fresher, more accurate information.

Solutions like IntelliFront BI offer a flexible range of potential applications. You can fit the product to your business rather than vice versa. It works just as well as an IT aid under a traditional model as it does in an end user’s hands. In either case, it limits costs and improves the quality and speed of BI insights.

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