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A Planned Approach To Business Intelligence Solutions

Are you satisfied with your off-the-shelf Business Intelligence solutions? Or would you instead deploy a customized solution? Every enterprise has its own set of needs and requirements as far as deploying business intelligence solutions is concerned. Every organization’s data is also very unique. The most complete BI solution is one that considers all the unique characteristics of your organization.

Phased Deployment

A Planned Approach To Business Intelligence Solutions

Many BI solutions make use of data warehousing, which can help you organize raw data from multiple sources into one place. A data warehouse can enable you to consolidate all your data into a single entity. Your business analysts can utilize the capabilities of a data warehouse to build a solution that works for the size of your organization. For instance, you could start with your finance department and later expand it to other divisions in your company, like your supply chain department. This segmented roll-out enables you to concentrate on bite-sized chunks of data, and your business analysts don’t get overwhelmed.

A Planned Approach

It is a good idea to plan out your deployment of a business intelligence solution so that you succeed in your adoption, especially if you have a large enterprise. You can first focus on discovery, then define and prioritize the objectives of your BI solution. Moreover, you can encourage the self-service model to make better use of your resources. As far as implementation goes, you may have to have a few iterations before you get your BI solution to work correctly. You can start with a prototype of the visual analytics and dashboard and grow from there.

Develop and Test

Once you have the requirements nailed down and a working prototype established, you can start to develop the final product to everyone’s satisfaction. While careful development is the key to successful deployment, testing is also highly necessary so that you have an intuitive design. You can hash out any kinks that you discover from your testing phase. Once the business is satisfied that the solution is ready, it can be deployed for use. You should also develop user training for easier deployment within your organization.

Choosing the right business intelligence tools for your organization, and putting effort into strategizing and planning, can help you build a solid foundation for your business intelligence solution. Take your time and deploy a long-term solution that fits your organization’s needs.


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