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Do You Need Self-Service Data Analytics Tools For Success?

What do you need to succeed? Do you really need self-service data analytics tools? You probably need them more than you realize. Traditional business intelligence models are outdated and far from cost-efficient. Whether you’re considering BI tools for the first time, or you’re looking for a way to improve your existing program, take a look at these self-service options.Do You Need Self Service Data Analytics Tools For Success? | Intellifront BI

How Long Do BI Tasks Take

Exactly how time-consuming is your business intelligence routine? Traditional models demand more time than self-service data analytics software, such as IntelliFront BI. These newer programs cut out the unnecessary steps and delays required by traditional delegation models. Instead of handing report requests over to IT, users generate their own reports on demand. As a result, reports arrive faster. Likewise, users are free to schedule reports ahead of time for a variety of recipients to save future labor hours. Through IntelliFront BI, procedures grow faster, less costly, and more available.

Are You Losing Money

The most cost-efficient method is the direct one. Self-service analytics platforms save more than time. It’s true that time is money in the business world. Every time a project changes hands, it consumes more potential profit. Decision makers cannot operate at peak capacity, which hurts the user’s bottom line.

Perhaps more importantly, any IT department tasked with business intelligence legwork will never achieve its true potential. IT personnel represent the top of their field, and forcing them to perform the same work over and over again for an entirely different department is a waste of talent. Given less busywork, your IT team could focus on important matters like infrastructure, cost-effectiveness, and advanced tools for customer satisfaction.

Do You Hesitate to Ask Questions?

It’s easy to run a dozen reports and still not have the full answers you need. Business intelligence has always been about asking the right questions, and self-service data analytics tools make it easier to ask them. In traditional business intelligence models, every report request drains resources from multiple departments. Even if protocols neglect to put explicit limits in place, decision makers know to use their unspoken quota of report requests carefully. Cutting out the middlemen allows users freer access to the data they need. Self-service tools only consume the user’s time, creating fewer delays. In the end, users may query with confidence.

With better access, users can generate the multiple, detailed reports they need to demonstrate the potential benefits of a new policy or product. They can also follow more “hunches” that could reveal ongoing losses or untapped potential in various departments. Moreover, programs like IntelliFront BI use fewer resources, allowing businesses to expand their BI teams. Restrictions are important when only a select number of individuals have to do all the work. However, distributing the workload provides many more opportunities.

If you want to save money, become more productive, and get the most out of your business intelligence program, then you need self-service data analytics tools. They empower the most important parts of your BI team, trim costs, and allow your employees to use your system more efficiently. A single solution offers a lot of benefits.

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