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How To Be An Analyst with Self-Service Data Analytics Tools

Self-service data analytics tools are helpful for a trained IT professional, but they are also a great asset for someone entirely new to BI. These programs are changing the way businesses handle BI, and are giving businesses of all sizes the power of insight. Business Intelligence analytics aren't just for large corporations with dedicated IT departments anymore. How can you be an analyst with self-service data analytics tools? Find out how by learning more business intelligence analytics. 

data analytics business intelligence difference How To Be An Analyst with Self-Service Data Analytics Tools | IntelliFront BI

The Critical Role of Analytics

Businesses run on data as well as money. Sales records, overhead costs, performance reviews, customer feedback, and other key data points all influence how a business operates from day to day. This information guides decisions about product placement, advertising, promotions, and even expansion. While anyone can look at one or two numbers and get an idea of rising or falling profits, one or two figures aren't enough to give them an accurate view of the situation. To make any business decision wisely, you need the kind of numbers you’ll only get from analytics.

Analytics do more than many people assume, and they're important tools for businesses of all sizes. Every single business can benefit from BI analytics. It doesn't matter if you run a neighborhood coffee shop or an international chain of car dealerships. Analytics unlock the potential that is hiding in your data. Without those insights, you will always be at a disadvantage. Your business may not fail, but it will never reach its true potential if you do not realize all the opportunities at your disposal. Analytics help users understand growing trends, successfully predict customer desires, and avoid costly mistakes.

How Self-Service Analytics Tools Do the Work for You

Until now, businesses too small to host their own IT department couldn’t get much from BI tools. Traditional analytics software is awkward and difficult to manage without professional training. Self-service data analytics tools, such as IntelliFront BI, change that. Anyone can use this software. A single portal gives access to everything you need as a decision maker. Your KPIs, reports, and dashboards are all kept together.

Self-service data analytics tools use intuitive design to guide new users through the process of designing and generating reports. Whatever type of report you need, IntelliFront BI can deliver. This means you can design and save scheduled reports to help you keep up to speed on key developments across your business. If you have a question, you can run a search immediately. Imagine running a report with millions of records in a matter of seconds. Self-service data analytics tools keep you up to speed with, or even ahead of, the latest developments in your business. All the most important BI tools rest at your fingertips.

What questions do you have about your business that self-service analytics tools could answer? Are there goals you struggled to meet in the past? Do you want to get ahead of the regional or international competition? With the power of analytics, you can get ahead and stay ahead. Self-service analytics tools really do have the answers to all your questions.


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