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3 Reasons Companies Use Data Analytics Tools For Business Intelligence

 Large organizations churn out a lot of data on a daily basis, and by using the right data analytics tools, you can make sense of it all. Data analytics tools for BI can help bring your company’s data to life. These tools can assist you in extracting and transforming data into a usable format and getting insights into your business and customer strategy.

3 Reasons Companies Use Data Analytics Tools For B!

1. Data Visualizations for Reporting and KPI Dashboards

Organizations have a large amount of raw data which can be hard to process and analyze. You need a graphic representation of your data to gather useful insights for your business. This is why data visualization is so important. It enables you to grasp difficult concepts and identify patterns within your enterprise quickly. The latest visualization tools are more accessible to adopt and offer a business advantage.

2. Analyzing Data Across Multiple Sources

Your data can come from multiple sources, and more data often means more insight. However, it is not easy to synthesize all this data from different sources. Data can be unstructured at times, and it can become overwhelming to put it all together. Your data can be stored in a data warehouse, in the cloud, or in an Excel sheet. What you need is access to useful data analytics tools that can take in unstructured or structured data and churn out useful reports for your consumption.

3. Automating Report Scheduling Company-wide

Not getting the information you need with the data you have is just as bad as having the information and not sharing it with the people that need it most.

Data Analytics tools that bundle the ability to send and share scheduled reports with every person in an organization means that information can easily pass from top to bottom, and back up again, in a way that allows large companies to possess the nimbleness of startups and smaller businesses the ability to use Big Data like the big boys.

Data Analytics Tools

If you are looking for an intuitive data analytics tool, IntelliFront BI is your answer. IntelliFront BI is a ChristianSteven Software’s Data Analytics & Business Intelligence tool that can help you consolidate all your dashboards, reports, and KPIs on a single easy-to-use portal. IntelliFront BI helps you repurpose all your business intelligence assets and create a highly useful portal. IntelliFront BI is a browser-based tool with which you can create and share your reports, KPIs, and dashboards. Using IntelliFront BI, you can also design and serve interactive, real-time reports and dashboards that provide unique visuals.

Additionally, if you have already invested in technologies such as SSRS, Power BI, or Crystal Reports, IntelliFront BI enables you to merge all your reports in one place for your ease-of-use. 

Automated business intelligence tools at ChristianSteven Software can make your BI workload much more manageable. We pride ourselves in creating high-quality tools and solutions, and we strive for excellent customer satisfaction.


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