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The Wonders a Self-Service Analytics Platform Can Do for You

ChristianSteven Software’s self-service analytics platform allows you to create and edit your own power BI reports, dashboards, and other visualizations. A well-designed self-service platform takes work off of IT and support teams by making it easier for users to access and processes the data. Moreover, self-service analytics platform often encompasses a number of interactive features that make data discovery more manageable as well.

Benefits of Self-Service Analytics

 The Wonders a Self-Service Analytics Platform Can Do for You

Self-Service analytics gives you the ability to quickly build reports without tying up IT resources in your organization. In fact, some small-sized organizations may not have a large IT support team, and self-service analytics platform can significantly help in such situations. You can also achieve more interactive and enhanced end-user experience when you utilize self-service tools. Users are empowered to sort, filter, and drill into data via easy controls or by changing their data view.

Why Self-Service Analytics Matters

In the past, data analytics has always meant a close collaboration between executives and IT staff, primarily because of not-so-easy data analytics tools. You had to depend on specialized skill sets to gather valuable data insights. Increasing demands meant a more extensive IT support staff in order to keep up with all the requests. However, self-service analytics has changed all that and made it so much easier for many users to process data and gather insights.


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