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How Can Self-Service Analytics Tools Help Your Business?

Could you benefit from self-service analytics tools? As a business owner, you have the responsibility for the productivity and efficiency of your business. One way to improve your productivity and efficiency is to analyze data and make decisions in areas of change. These changes can be in the reduction of non-profitable services. Changes can also be made based upon the need for streamlining production, or they can be initiated by new trends.How Can Self-Service Analytics Tools Help Your Business? | IntelliFront BI

However, as a business owner, you've dealt with the difficulty of getting such data analysis completed. For example, like an eyeball test, you recognized that there was a reduction in production at 3 p.m. on Wednesdays. Even though you observed this work slowdown, you needed data to back it up. To collect this data and have it analyzed by a professional, you would have to write up a request for your statistical analyst to scientifically research the data. This process takes time. The statistical analyst needs specific data to calculate the information. The parameters must be explored, and additional factors must be taken into consideration. By the time all the information is provided to the analyst and researched, you have a new problem. What can you do to reduce the slowdown of statistical analysis and review some "real" time data for yourself? The answer is self-service analytics tools.

How can self-service analytics tools assist your business in researching data and analyzing business trends? By allowing you to manipulate data and identify problem products, streamline production, and identify business opportunities that can be capitalized on. The best part is that this can be completed by someone who is not trained in statistical analysis, freeing up your statisticians to analyze more complex data. Their expertise can also help business owners identify data that they forgot to consider in their investigation and to be a support person to the owner.


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