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How to Change the Role of Decision Makers in Business Intelligence Reporting Software

Business intelligence reporting tools have more potential than you may realize. They do more than merely support existing BI habits and structures. With a little reorganization, they can change the role of decision makers forever.How to Change the Role of Decision Makers in Business Intelligence Reporting Software | IntelliFront BI

Granting Improved Access

Although decision makers are responsible for guiding and controlling your business, they actually have very restricted access to some of their most essential tools. Business intelligence reporting software is one of the clearest examples of this phenomenon. The traditional BI cycle only gives decision makers the power to order reports. They have no control over the reports’ creation, and availability is largely determined by variables in the IT department. As important as business intelligence reporting may be, the IT team may be busy with updates, system crashes, or other technological issues directly affecting the day’s productivity.

Programs like IntelliFront BI give decision makers the power to reclaim their own tools. Through user-friendly interfaces, scheduling options, and dashboards, your decision-making team can enjoy faster access to a greater range of insights. The fact that this type of system dramatically reduces labor waste is another major benefit decision makers can use to their advantage.

Expanding Pool of Users

By changing the means of accessing BI insights, you change the BI tool’s potential. Under the traditional model, only the highest-ranking decision makers can order reports due to the cost and delays associated with the process. InteliFront BI changes that. As it restores power to the decision makers, it also creates opportunities for new users. For example, heads of major projects, successful team leaders, and various department heads all have valuable ideas to share, and they may approach a problem with new perspectives.

Expanding your pool of BI users increases the amount of actionable information available to decision makers. As a result, it means decision makers not only have the power to answer their own questions through reporting software, but they also gain answers to questions they hadn’t thought to ask. All of this is thanks to their expanded team. The value of your team members grows, more employees feel involved and respected, and decision makers gain even more resources.

Redefining BI Habits

Ultimately, programs like IntelliFront BI redefine business intelligence habits. Since the value of business intelligence reporting tools intrinsically links to how you use the reports, systems that support better BI habits are essential to the system’s overall value. Through scheduling, event-triggered reports, dashboards, and broader access, decision makers gain better insights in less time. With more available time for analysis and planning, it’s easier for users to put those insights to work. In the end, it leads to stronger decisions, founded on better information.

If you’re ready to give your decision makers more power and superior insights, it’s time to investigate new reporting tools. You’ll never know the true potential of your decision-making team until you equip them to take charge of their own workflow. Production, profit, and progress all stem from BI. Don’t wait to take advantage of hidden opportunities.

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