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How To Choose The Right Business Intelligence Solution

Business Intelligence is a growing trend in businesses today. For this reason, it’s vital that your company understands the importance of accurately consolidating, integrating, and analyzing data. Moreover, understanding the health of your business helps you decide what steps to take to improve areas that might be struggling. However, deciding which solution best fits your needs can be a difficult task. Understanding how to choose the right business intelligence solution is your first step. Following the tips given here will help you make an informed decision when it comes to choosing the right business intelligence solution for your business. 

How To Choose the Right Business Intelligence Solution | IntelliFrontBI

Know Your Company 

In order to choose the right solution, you first must know your business’s needs and requirements. You need to take into account the infrastructure your company currently uses. You also want to consider the tools your company requires in order to function. For example, if your company runs a call center, the phones are an integral tool. You want to choose Business Intelligence that gathers data based on your telephony system. Moreover, you also need to know whether or not you are going to need any additional hardware or if any necessary skill sets are required to run the BI software. Knowing that you already have employees capable of using and understanding a particular solution will also play into making your decision. 

Consider Customization 

You run your company unique to your vision for its success. You want a business intelligence solution that is equally unique. To ensure that your business solution adequately fits your company’s needs, you want to choose a solution that can be customized. If you focus on a particular sales technique that is different from others, you want to know that the data collected reflects this. By choosing BI solutions that are customizable, you guarantee that you get your money’s worth. Better yet, you make sure that your solution fits with your company and its vision for success. 

Is Mobility Important 

It seems that everything is mobile these days. With the growing number of mobile features, you want to consider if mobility is important to your business. More importantly, is it important to the BI solution you plan to choose to meet your company needs? Business intelligence mobility is a crucial feature for companies with off-site workers, traveling board members, or partners that need to access the company’s data. Make sure that the solution you pick is compatible with any mobile features you currently use. 

Training Requirements 

Most quality Business Intelligence solutions require some level of product training. Training is an important and necessary investment to take advantage of all the benefits that come with BI solutions. Business solutions greatly improve your business and often radically change the workflow. However, the lack of training quickly stalls any change or improvement. As with any new software or computer program, training is a must. When deciding on a BI solution, you want to take into consideration what training is required and if any is provided with your investment. 

Pricing Matters 

Everything comes with a price. The real question is what is its worth? When comparing prices of business intelligence solutions, take the subscriptions, growth, and hidden fees into consideration. Make sure to get the full details of all of the costs of the solution. Check to see if the vendor requires a quarterly or yearly subscription on top of any upfront costs. Subscriptions may not be advertised right away but may become visible later on. Also keep in mind that as your business grows and expands, your BI needs to do the same. 

It’s no secret that Business Intelligence is a growing need for businesses in today’s information-driven markets. To help your business succeed, you need the right BI solutions. Picking the wrong BI for your company can cause more harm than good.

However, by taking into consideration the above-mentioned aspects of your business, the process of choosing the right business intelligence solutions is simplified.

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