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How To Expand Your BI Team with Self-Service Reporting Dashboards

Self-service business intelligence removes the obstacles and limitations created by traditional BI models, which allow businesses to save money, move faster, and expand their business intelligence teams. These benefits combine to give businesses better opportunities, superior risk assessment, and additional advantages that can make all the difference for a competitive company. How To Expand Your BI Team with Self-Service Reporting Dashboards | IntelliFront BI

Fewer Restrictions

Getting a report through the traditional network necessitated by most business intelligence programs is a long, wasteful process: once a decision-maker realizes he needs a particular report, he must send an order to the IT department. The trained professionals then generate the report. However, the report may be delayed by higher priority tasks, or other important jobs may be put off in order to handle the report. Once the report is finished, it goes back to the original decision-maker. Because the software is too complicated for untrained users, this cycle never ends. It also means that, due to resource restrictions, only a select few decision-makers can request reports.

Self-service reporting dashboards software, like those in IntelliFront BI, make this system obsolete. Users no longer need to hand off work, which makes the entire process cheaper and more time-efficient. Dashboards bring all the essential tools into a single, convenient location. Users need extremely little training, and they're free to create a report whenever they need one. No one needs to wait for a report to travel through the IT cycle. When anyone can use the software, it makes BI accessible to anyone whose insights may improve the business.

The Benefits of Additional Insights

While the time and funding benefits of self-service reporting dashboards are great, they give users another major advantage. Not only is a self-service dashboard cheaper and faster, but it's also more accessible. Your pool of actual decision-makers may not expand, but the range of available insights might. Programs like IntelliFront BI open report generation to managers, department heads, team leaders, and more. Although they may not all have access to as much data as top-ranking decision-makers, they have unique views and experiences that could easily benefit the business as a whole.

When businesses make BI reporting tools available to more users, they reduce the labor of top decision-makers. They simultaneously provide opportunities for superior results. New users provide more detailed actionable information about their specific areas of expertise, and their superiors can put the pieces together to attain a better understanding of trends, risks, and more. Essentially, giving more users access to BI tools helps businesses build a firmer foundation for all changes, plans, etc. based on analytics.

Self-service reporting dashboards offer a host of advantages over BI models built to serve outdated software applications. To take full advantage of the opportunities and insights your employees have to offer, you must make BI solutions far more accessible. Programs like IntelliFront BI help with this by providing simple, easy-to-understand dashboards. Even the best decision-makers cannot handle everything on their own. Give them the power to work faster, and give them an expanded team.

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