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How To Find Your Ideal Business Intelligence Tool

Do you need a new business intelligence tool? How do you know you’re choosing the best product? Although there are plenty of BI products on the market, the best suited for you and your business will conform to your needs through multiple useful features.Do you need a new business intelligence tool? How do you know you’re choosing the best product? Let us help you choose the ideal business intelligence software! 

Determine Your Needs

Developers design business intelligence tools for different industries, projects, business sizes, and budgets. Before you even begin browsing for a new BI solution, make sure you know what you actually need. Begin by considering the solutions you already have. Do you plan to continue using these products? If so, are you looking for new solutions that handle different tasks or solutions that support your existing BI infrastructure? Be as specific as possible, and list as many features, system requirements, and unique needs that you can.

Once you have a general idea of what you want, you can begin looking at options. The available products may help you refine your list of requirements with new ideas or condensed items. If your list includes a need for faster report generation, you may gain as much from scheduling tools as you would from a more powerful search function. After all, your software can only operate as quickly as your hardware allows. Unless you’re willing to upgrade all affected computers, finding an indirect path to your goals may be the most effective.

Consider Powerful Combinations

Virtually every business intelligence softwareon the market offers more than one feature. Choosing a product with the right blend of features will increase the product’s overall effectiveness and value as a BI asset. For example, products like IntelliFront BI offer several features that all support ease of use and time management. You can not only schedule reports in advance, but you can adjust a range of intricate details. By doing this, you help to improve security, refine recipient lists, and make your reports more convenient for your readers. These features all work together to accomplish a specific type of task. However, that isn’t the end of IntelliFront BI’s utility.

Although the scheduled report tools are phenomenal, IntelliFront BI also offers event-triggered reports. These provide a summary whenever a specified dataset changes, which could include any form of data, including emails. You don’t have to stop what you’re doing to manually generate a report when new data arrives because IntelliFront BI will do it for you. The time savings are valuable on their own, but the most significant advantage of this feature is the immediacy of critical insights. Efficient use of any business intelligence tool demands rapid implementation. This is especially true for sensitive data that indicates upcoming changes, such as a rise in customer interest in or the devaluation of a prominent product.

The best business intelligence tool for you will prove its value quickly. Always pay attention to refund and return policies, because these may allow you to test a BI solution in action before committing to your investment. Remember to look for powerful feature combinations, and always prioritize your original list of necessities. When you take these extra steps, you ensure that you find a quality product that surpasses your expectations.

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