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How To Get More Done With Enterprise Business Intelligence Platforms

Enterprise business intelligence platforms offer users the opportunity to revolutionize productivity and profit in multiple departments. Multiple benefits from a single BI resource work in tandem to make the overall BI experience more efficient and useful. Together, these benefits help users get more work done in much less time.How To Get More Done With Enterprise Business Intelligence Platforms | IntelliFront BI

Faster Work

Speed is key for efficient, profitable decisions. The traditional business intelligence model is slow, which devalues insights before they reach the end user's hands. Products like IntelliFront BI change how businesses structure and handle BI workloads. Advanced features like real-time KPI dashboards remove the need for reports entirely for many day-to-day functions. Rather than creating a report order, waiting for someone else to create the report, and then reading it several hours after the fact, decision-makers have access to the most accurate information with the click of a mouse. IntelliFront BI features intuitively designed dashboards that any user can understand with little to no training. Decision-makers don't have to wait, and they can trust that the information they see is accurate down to the second.

Less Waste

Another problem with traditional BI models is waste. IntelliFront BI's intuitive dashboards give decision-makers direct access to the information they need the most. This means they don't have to send report requests to IT every time they need a KPI update. Ultimately, IntelliFront BI can negate the need for report delegation entirely. At the very least, however, real-time KPI dashboards eliminate hours of busy work from the IT department's schedule for the foreseeable future. This results in less wasted labor and more available hours for productive work. This free time is available for reinvestment in other business intelligence work or IT specific tasks. The end users also enjoy more time since their information is readily available on demand. They do not need to schedule their work around the IT department's schedule. So, ultimately, two very different departments enjoy greater productivity and less waste.

Better Insights

Ultimately, the point of any business intelligence product is to make the rest of your business more efficient, productive, and profitable. Enterprise business intelligence platforms make it easier to perform a greater variety of searches with more detail. The more actionable information you gather through reports, the better your decisions will be. A decision grounded in fact will always have a higher chance of success than a choice founded on a couple of facts and a lot of assumptions. Although savings and speed improvements are important, producing better insights is by far the most important and valuable benefit of enterprise business intelligence platforms like IntelliFront BI.

Business intelligence tools help businesses to accomplish more work. By increasing the efficiency of the BI tools themselves, users can dramatically improve everything else. It’s a chain reaction that begins with faster, cheaper, and more efficient insights. Products like IntelliFront BI are poised to take business intelligence tools into their next evolution.

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