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How To Reduce Errors And Cut Cost With Self-Service Reporting Tools

Businesses are faced with thousands of tasks each day. From changing data, running reports and monitoring multiple accounts, your business can become overwhelmed with mounting customer demands. Hiring additional staff, or simply taking on the additional tasks tend to cost your business unnecessary time and money. What if I told you that you could remove the human factor, increase speed, and reducing costs, with a self-service reporting scheduler? A self-service reporting scheduler can eliminate the source of business process overload. How To Reduce Errors And Cut Cost With Self-Service Reporting Tools | IntelliFrontBI

Removing the Human Factor 


In reality, humans are not perfect. People can easily mistype when copying data, or cut corners in a task in order to complete it. People get sick, or their families get sick. Though there is a certain quality to having an intelligent human operate tasks, certain tasks such as data management or report distribution can be better left to a machine. By using self-service reporting tools, mistakes are less likely to occur. Since machines don’t get sick or go on vacation, the work will always be done 24/7 without human intervention.

Increase Process Speed

Machines are fast. The most complex self-service reporting schedulers, like IntelliFront BI, can operate dozens of tasks simultaneously. The system can deliver reports, update databases, and send alerts. All of this can occur within only a five-minute time frame. The more tasks that can be completed within a shorter amount of time, can allow your business to explore additional cost effective strategies. By making your  business faster, self-service report automation can turn a mound of overwhelming reports into a problem of the past.

Reducing Costs

Businesses agree that costs are a main contributor to the stress involved in running a successful business. A rise in business costs can occur by having to produce large numbers of staff, correcting mistakes, or managing materials. Business schedulers have the ability to drastically turn this problem around and help cut cost. By automatically managing key business processes, there will be no need to hire additional staff when the workload increases. Machines don't make mistakes, so data will be accurate and consistent each time. Automatically managing inventory or resources reduces waste, and keeps goods flowing efficiently .

Deploying a self-service business intelligence technology to manage business processes will ensure operations move faster and make fewer mistakes, all while becoming more cost effective. Not only do business schedulers solve these problems, they create an opportunity to expand the business's capacity without an additional drain on resources. 

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