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How To Use Business Intelligence To Combat Data Breaches

The idea of data breaches is an absolute nightmare when company executives think about it. We have all seen the nightmares of data breaches on the news as major corporations scramble to notify their shoppers that their important information may have been compromised. Not only do data breaches cost companies billions of dollars in lost revenue, they ruin business reputations for years to come.How To Use Business Intelligence To Combat Data Breaches | IntelliFront BI

For years, database protection has been focused on the construction of giant, intrusion-proof walls. Their purpose is to keep hackers from being able to pass through your virtual doors. But, what happens when hackers break down those walls? Thankfully, through the introduction of business intelligence, your business can now benefit from tools that are created to protect the data behind those walls. This added security can be the component that saves your business money and customers. Thankfully, you can now use business intelligence to combat data breaches.

The True Protection from Data Breaches 

Sophistication doesn’t matter when it comes to business intelligence software to protect your company 's most important information. As quickly as you have developed new means to keep intruders out is as quickly as they have found another way in. If they have a strong enough desire to get to your information, hackers will be relentless in their efforts. The problem lies in the fact that once hackers get into your system, it can take months to detect that there has been a data breach.

As databases continue to grow, the increased need to find a new way to protect against data breaches has come to the forefront of discussion. Each day, the amount of data collected by businesses continues to grow. As more aspects of our lives become immersed in technology, we keep our most intimate information in online databases all over the online world. Add mobile apps and other ways of obtaining information and we have an easy formula to spread critical information fast. So, as business intelligence has created many ways to improve the overall effectiveness of your business model, it now offers a way to help minimize data breaches.

Business Intelligence for Data Breaches 

There are many ways to use business intelligence to minimize data breaches. One very effective way is to place security as close to the data as possible. When you reduce the circle of influence, you minimize the risk of human-caused leaks. The fewer people aware of the values means a smaller possibility for an outside force to access your information. In addition, you can use a table of masked values that tokenize the data and report on it this way. When you mask or encrypt your data, it provides an added level of protection.

Another main component to protect your database information through business intelligence is to understand your data. You need to know what information holds higher importance. In other words, what needs more security. You will also need to know how your information is stored, how it is accessed, and who has access to it. When you understand your information at a higher level, you can group it into secure clusters that enhance your security measures.

Data breaches are a catastrophe that is best avoided if you want to continue along the road with your successful business reputation. Thanks to business intelligence tools, you can now create a more effective way to protect your business’ crucial information. Build your client’s confidence that their credentials are safe when they do business with your through business intelligence tools for added security.


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