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ChristianSteven Named Spring 2021 BI Software Top Performer

Oftentimes, business awards are created for marketing purposes; they can be great methods for establishing a growing reputation and catching the attention of prospects and colleagues, but when overdone their value can be greatly diminished. However, some awards do honestly and accurately reflect the perceptions and attitudes of the people who really matter—customers.
And because it is those few special awards to which we pay particular attention, when ChristianSteven was nominated and then elected as the Spring 2021 BI Software Top Performer Award.

Thanks to FeaturedCustomers, We are simultaneously humbled and honored to learn that our efforts are positively impacting the world of commerce.

FeaturedCustomers is recognized as the world's leading customer reference platform for B2B business software and services.

ChristianSteven Named Spring 2021 BI Software Top Performer

Rising Above the Best

The FeaturedCustomers reference platform delivers a true and thorough B2B resource that is both neutral and third-party. It gives dedicated and ambitious customers in search of the very best B2B business solutions a reliable place to begin their research.

Safe and trusted, this resource center provides help in a variety of formats including videos and blogs to delve into how solutions have helped other customers and clients. More than 1 million unique and authentic customer references like case studies, success stories, and client testimonials may be discovered on FeaturedCustomers. In other words, real business people working in the trenches tell true stories of relevant and applicable outcomes, based upon valuable B2B tools they have acquired and put to positive use. Of course, such individuals are best qualified to make such determinations of excellence,

Every company offering B2B services on this platform was included in this all-encompassing award, but only 29 of them passed the initial criterion stage and were qualified for consideration in the Spring 2021 Business Intelligence Software Customer Success Report. From this carefully curated and highly qualified list, ChristianSteven Software emerged to claim the BI Software Top Performer position.


Reports are documents containing data in text and table form. They may include visuals like simple charts and graphs, but they are mostly a representation of specific data sets. The data in a report is not live, so it cannot be manipulated. It has already been cleaned, sorted, and prepared for presentation.


Dashboards, on the other hand, are live. Visualization tools can be tailored and customized to display specific data and metrics. Data is updated in real-time, so visuals can change from minute to minute. Dashboards can be broad and multi-faceted for departments with many functions, or they can be more focused.


What is a Power BI Dashboard?

A Power BI Dashboard is a single page, or canvas, that uses visual tools to tell a story. Limited to one page, a well-designed dashboard will contain only the most important elements of the data story.

These are the features of an effective Power BI Dashboard:

Must-Have a Premium or Pro Version

Different organizations will have different requirements for a Power BI Dashboard to be useful. Premium and pro-versions of the software allow more customization and additional features that a basic program won't have. Upgrades should be seamless with the ability to tack on new features as they become available.

More Than a Popularity Contest

Everyone wants to be liked, particularly when awards and kudos can be gained, but this particular awards program does more than measure popularity. Of course, client engagement is key to the success of any enterprise, but in this situation, rankings are calculated based upon the most important aspects of any business operation, including these key factors:

  • Data Aggregated from Online Sources and Media Properties
  • Social Media and Market Presence
  • Vendor Momentum (based upon web traffic and search trends)
  • The volume of Customer Success Content

The Top Performer award is intended to identify vendors with a significant market presence coupled with substantial customer success content which clarifies and validates their enterprise vision. Because of these factors and its growing market presence, ChristianSteven Software consistently earns high ratings among its satisfied customer base and has rightfully earned its reputation for delivering superior results; consequently, the amount and quality of curated customer references for ChristianSteven Software continues to expand at an exponential rate.

Case Studies

A series of case studies sealed the deal in the final determination of the Spring 2021 BI Software Top Performer Award by; following are just a handful of case studies provided by satisfied and successful clients of ChristianSteven Software:

Air Force One

Government operations are not famous for their efficiency, but Air Force One, in tandem with ChristianSteven Software, is changing all that. By deploying MARS to automate and distribute reports in a more timely fashion, they have experienced:

  • Boosted productivity
  • Improved communications
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Uncovered invaluable business insights

Read the full case study: MARS Breathes Fresh Air Into Air Force One


By automating business processes and Crystal reports, Cessna has enjoyed many noticeable benefits, including:

  • Experienced a complete ROI in just 3 months
  • Eliminated manual reports and orders, saving 1,000 work hours and reducing errors to a minimum
  • Reduced annual maintenance expenses by £200,000 in one operation alone
  • Transformed major departments, including:
    - Communications
    - Customer Relations
    - Decision Making
    - Scheduling

Read the full case study: CRD Takes Off $1.4m Costs at Cessna

Provident Financial Group

By employing CRD for automated reporting and delivering Crystal reports, the Provident Financial Group has realized benefits such as:

  • Increased volume of automated reporting
  • Faster information delivery converting more prospects
  • Key performance stats deliver timely and actionable intelligence
  • ROI realized and documented within every department

Read the full case study: CRD Gets the Credit for 2 million Customers at Provident Financial

Signature Healthcare

Automating business processes and delivering SSRS reports changed the way Signature Healthcare envision and operate their enterprise while reaping major benefits like:

  • Attaining financial goals and streamlining regulatory duties
  • Saving 40 work hours each month
  • Slashing report production down to daily tasks instead of week-long chores
  • Timely reporting and analyses arriving at the desks of decision-makers

Read the full case study: SQL-RD Takes Care of Business for Signature Healthcare

Virgin Mobile

Through effective use of MARS, Virgin Mobile now schedules and delivers Microsoft Access reports, which yields the following results:

  • Develop vital business insights
  • Documented savings of both time and money
  • Improved decision-making processes
  • Significant boosts in sales

Read the full case study: MARS Rings The Changes For Virgin Mobile

Automated Report Distribution Helping Solve Problems

Most noticeable about this partial list of case studies providing detailed explanations of superior software performance is the wide variety of industries and business needs which are handily and fully met through the use of PBRS™, the powerful and effective SSRS & Power BI Reports Scheduler offered by ChristianSteven Software. It is this kind of flexibility that makes this software an undisputed leader in the industry and should inspire you to test out their free trial offer and learn how it can grow your own operations and transport you into bigger playing fields.

Learn more about ChristianSteven Software.

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