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3 Simple Ways Power BI Gives You Powerful Insight into Your Data

Power BI has become a dominant analytics and reporting tool for most data driven organizations. Traditionally, Microsoft Excel was the default tool that most business analysts relied upon. However, with the powerful features of the aptly named Power BI toolset, the paradigm has changed. There is now more efficiency in data processing with Power BI. You can also get better insight into your data with Power BI features and visualization techniques.

Power BI Gives You Powerful Insight into Your Data


1. Ease-of-Use

Analyzing data trends is quite easy with Power BI features. You can view a dataset quickly with Power BI built-in time intelligence. Moreover, you can view data by different dimensions and attributes. You no longer have to spend hours trying to analyze Excel sheets when you have the significantly easier Power BI interface and toolset.

2. Managing Large Datasets becomes Easier

Power BI brings in greater insights than Excel because of newer visualization techniques, statistical functions, and calculations. With these techniques, you can view and analyze huge quantities of data with ease. You don’t have a problem managing large datasets anymore, and you don’t have to cut them down in size. Additionally, adding relationships within different tables or integrating new data is easier done with Power BI. Data refreshes also become significantly faster with Power BI.

3. Minimum Learning Curve

Power BI is a more intuitive tool to use that enables data driven culture within organizations. Since Power BI comes with self-service abilities, business users don’t need to depend on specialized talent for gathering, transforming and analyzing data. Its intuitive nature and powerful features have made Power BI a go-to tool for business analysts around the world. There is a smaller learning curve and more eagerness to use Power BI features to slice and dice the data for greater insights.

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