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Q: Need A Report Scheduler for Power BI? A: Yes!

With an increasing demand on your existing workforce and the search for key talent getting tougher, there is always a risk of being unable to maintain peak performance levels. At least, that used to be the case before business owners and executives began to implement automated process accelerators like Power BI Report Scheduler (PBRS). By implementing dynamic solutions like PBRS, your entire workforce has the quality support they need and deserve.

Business intelligence is only useful in the right hands at the time when it’s needed. The last thing any organization needs is sales campaigns or marketing initiatives stymied by inaccurate and ill-timed reporting. Nothing will stop a plan of action in its tracks faster than inadequate or incomplete data reporting. It's like giving your big hitters toothpicks for swinging at fastballs. 

With the right data at the right time, every member of the team can know and confidently carry out their unique role, leading to the overall success of your business.

Report Scheduler for Power BI

Meet the Power BI Scheduler

The beauty of Power BI Scheduler is that you don't have to be a nerd to drive this powerful business engine. In fact, your common business sense and knowledge of your industry are the greatest assets you can bring to the table; you don't need to know how to install software, disassemble hardware, or write code to make the best of Power BI Scheduler. Like the intelligent program it is, Power BI Scheduler already knows the basics of Business 101 and is more than ready to learn the nuances of your own practice to more accurately serve your needs and demands.

In other words, Power BI Scheduler was constructed to meet your needs rather than presenting a technological enigma you must decipher to take full advantage of its capabilities. In fact, it is smart enough to parse different data for different departments or top employees, allowing them to remain focused on their responsibilities rather than interpreting a larger picture within which they must find the information pertaining to their role.

Learning Power BI Scheduler

Business intelligence software, by its very nature, should be easy and natural to learn. With Power BI Scheduler,  this is precisely what you get: easy to install, vast support libraries, and intuitive processes that are easy to learn and master.

It is a rare employee that thrives on generating reports. For most of the workforce, creating and/or reading reports initiates a collective corporate groan. Typically written dryly, often inaccurate and dated, most reports are flung to the side as quickly as possible. They are often scanned by their recipients so they can answer positively when asked if they received and read the latest report for their department. But the information doesn't really sink in nor does it seem particularly significant to their daily responsibilities.

Power BI Scheduler is that ultra-rare employee who not only loves generating reports but actually knows how to bring such reporting to life. However, this worker doesn't ever need breaks, tirelessly churning out relevant and timely reports and delivering them to the appropriate parties. However, it isn't just good timing and correct information that makes Power BI Scheduler such a powerhouse reporter; for possibly the first time ever, recipients are excited and informed when receiving reports.

This ability further empowers your top performers to remain at their peak levels. And rest assured, they will not tire of receiving road maps for faster and greater results for your enterprise but will instead be inspired to rise higher than ever!

Boosting the Performance of the Power BI Scheduler

Even top performers look to improve their efficiency and effectiveness, and Power BI Scheduler is no different when it comes to streamlining performance. As you become more familiar with this highly friendly and intuitive software, you will soon find more shortcuts to allow Power BI Scheduler to deliver even more reports in less time than before.

Consider these tips and tricks for speeding up report delivery to relevant parties:

  • Custom Data Tables - import only necessary fields and tables instead of entire data sets for swift reporting and analysis 
  • Disable Unnecessary Visual Interactions - change default settings so visuals do not automatically interact together; this reduces report queries and boosts performance
  • Reduce Report Visuals - eye candy may grab attention but visuals also slow reporting performance, so keep visuals relevant and to a minimum 
  • Selective Data Set Importing - rather than importing entire data sets, of which a large portion is not needed, select only fields and tables desired
  • Test Performance Before Use - when customizing visuals, be certain to test them to ensure it does not impede performance when working with large datasets or complex aggregations

Power BI Scheduler Destinations and Formats

Versatility and flexibility: that's what you get with Power BI Scheduler. Generating reports isn't enough; they need to be created in formats appropriate to recipients and should arrive in the manner most suitable for those recipients. 

For destinations, select from the most common methods, such as:

  • Emails
  • File Folders
  • Printer
  • SMS

As to formats, each recipient can receive their reporting in a form most suitable to their needs and equipment. This can include formats like:

  • Document
  • Excel
  • PDF
  • PowerPoint

Becoming familiar with Power BI Scheduler takes little time. Before you know it, you will be generating your own reports that run automatically, either at specific times or on specific days or dates, and at the frequencies you need. The same report can be scheduled to run more than once, with new filters, formats, frequencies, and destinations specified for each batch of reports. You can even have certain events trigger new reports, so when inventory levels drop too low, or a flood of new customers come on board, relevant employees are given the necessary heads up to respond accordingly.

Best of all is the "set it and forget it" attitude that Power BI Scheduler has, thanks to its ability to run its scheduling service as a Windows service (which enables unattended scheduling). It's like having a completely trustworthy employee whose greatest reward in life is to produce reports based upon dates, events, or triggers! 

If this all seems too good to be true, ChristianSteven Software gets you. That's why they give you a full 30 days to put the Power BI Scheduler to the ultimate test; down in the trenches where business is happening nonstop and needs the support this program can offer. To ensure you are not left in the dark, their extensive and informative tutorials will illuminate any part of this powerful performer that needs further explanation or clarification.

This is possibly the best investment with the highest possible returns your business can make. With a free trial, your investment risk is low with the potential for immensely huge rewards, so don't delay but take advantage today!

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