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Does Your Digital Capability Framework Include Power BI Scheduler?

As businesses look to the future, they need a plan to leverage their existing digital assets. Organizations need to perform a digital capability audit to determine where they are and where they need to be. Using tools such as Power BI Scheduler can ensure that the appropriate people are receiving vital information.

According to McKinsey, 2020 saw an accelerated deployment of digital technologies. The increased speed often left a hodge-podge of solutions that do not integrate well. Instead of operational improvements, companies found an infrastructure that did not support their drive to digital transformation.

No matter the industry, 2020 was about surviving, but 2021 should focus on thriving. Digital transformation no longer focuses on the customer to the detriment of the employee experience. It gives equal weight to customer and employee outcomes because happy employees make happy customers. And happy customers fuel business growth.

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What is a digital capability framework?

Frameworks are structures that define how to build something useful. For example, a digital capability framework looks at a digital infrastructure to determine how components should interact. The framework is then used to determine where the existing infrastructure stands compared to the comprehensive framework.

Because customer and employee expectations change, digital capabilities need to be agile. Consumers and employees change their expectations, and a digital framework needs to adapt to those changes as quickly as possible. Unless organizations can pivot to address changing market expectations, they will be left behind by those who are agile enough to adjust to change.

Part of establishing a digital capability framework is understanding the drivers of change. Careful analysis of these drivers can make for resilient infrastructures with more digital capabilities.


Remote workers and supply chain operations will influence how digital capabilities change. For example, it's expected that companies will follow Amazon's example and allow employees to work remotely two days a week. Some businesses may extend the remote workdays to three, and a small percentage may consider a virtual workforce. This shift means different approaches to communications among co-workers and customers.

Future workforce skills are also changing. New talent needs more than technical skills; they need soft skills to facilitate communication and collaboration. With a hybrid work environment, the ability to connect has become a top workplace skill.

Integrating the supply chain is another 2021 trend. Companies realize they need more insight into how each point in their supply chain is functioning. Power BI Scheduler provides essential information for maintaining a supply of critical materials for product delivery.


With more organizations adopting digital solutions, being agile becomes more crucial to success. If the competition can pivot quickly when a change in customer expectation occurs, businesses without the digital assets to adjust will be left behind. Being behind the technology curve makes it difficult to catch up with the continuous technological advances.

How well a company responds to disruptive technology impacts how well they perform. Organizations that are part of the disruption are well ahead of those that react. Creating an innovative ecosystem places a company ahead of the competition. Fostering a collaborative culture through connectivity tools such as Power BI Scheduler contributes to an innovative culture.


Not all technical advances come from new technologies such as artificial intelligence, data analytics, or deep learning. Sometimes the advances are in operation. For example, data organization is a critical component for machine learning and data analytics projects. Taking the time to define or govern data decreases the time to market and expedites the delivery of internal processes.

Moving to a cloud or hybrid environment is an IT trend that improves connectivity and collaboration and changes the IT landscape. Different skill sets are required, and IT departments may become smaller with more centralized operations, making for more agile operations. However, distributed operations require real-time communication that Power BI Scheduler provides, delivering crucial real-time data to decision-makers.

Internal Challenges

Leadership and culture are vital to sustaining an agile and innovative operation. Unless management demonstrates a strong commitment to innovation, digital transformation efforts will fall short of their goals. Those efforts include maintaining structure when department boundaries blur. Encouraging a collaborative, cross-functional environment creates an innovative culture. 

As more departments look to citizen developers for assistance, IT must maintain control over deployments to ensure security standards are met. It's easy for those lines to blur, making it difficult to establish accountability and allocate funding. Communicating critical operational data can help manage a distributed technology stack.


Developing digital capabilities has little impact if they cannot be disseminated to customers and employees. The continued growth in mobile devices highlights the importance of digital connectivity. About 61% of the world's population have access to computers; yet, almost 70% have cell phones. Mobile channels are fast becoming the method of connecting with clients and co-workers. Making sure digital sets can communicate over the channel is essential to maintaining a competitive presence. 

More connectivity exposes consumers to information from online sources. These resources may include reviews, consumer comments, or online posts, which may influence consumer purchases. Having access to current data through tools such as Power BI Scheduler makes it easier to make data-driven decisions.

What is Power BI Scheduler?

Power BI Reports Scheduler (PBRS) automates the scheduling and distribution of reports and dashboards. Developed by ChristianSteven Software, the solution uses a proprietary business automation infrastructure to provide instant notification to desktops, laptops, and mobile devices. The dashboards are mobile-enabled to deliver an equally strong customer experience across all channels.

Inside every Power BI installation is data, waiting to show crucial insights into business operations. Without the right tools, that information is unfortunately inaccessible. To ensure your organization receives data-driven insights, download a 30-day trial of the software and discover what data insights you're missing.

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