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Sharing Power BI Dashboards via Email

Power BI dashboards are a powerful mechanism to display important business metrics and keep everyone on the same page. These dashboards are pretty much a necessity for data driven enterprises and make the job of business analysts a lot easier. Not only do these dashboards keep the stakeholders informed of the data changes, but they also help in making informed business decisions.

Sharing Power BI Dashboards via Email

Email Subscription

You can send Power BI dashboards via email to all relevant parties and keep them informed on any changes in business metrics and company goals. Email subscription to a Power BI dashboard or a particular page on a dashboard is the easiest and most efficient way to keep track of your data. Depending on how frequently your data changes, you can subscribe to emails on the best possible frequency for your needs.

When you send Power BI dashboards as email, it will include a link to the dashboard and it will only need a click to get to the data right away. You can even launch an app on a smartphone from these subscription emails. Depending on the level of access, your recipients can then re-share the dashboard to others if required.

Advantages of Dashboard Sharing

Sharing your Power BI dashboard is a convenient way to reach out to your stakeholders and clients and keep them updated on the latest data changes. It is quick and easy to set up. Additionally, while your dashboard is in production, you can send a Power BI dashboard as email for testing purposes. Your recipients will obviously not be able to make any changes, but they can test it out and provide feedback for any changes they want to see implemented.

PBRS (Power BI Reports Scheduler) is an automation tool that is offered by ChristianSteven Software that helps you export & email high quality dashboards for your business. It minimizes your manual and repetitive tasks and helps you focus more on your core business.

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