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4 Ways to Streamline Data Analysis With Power BI Tools

Microsoft Power BI tools provide robust functionality for data synthesis and analysis. You no longer have to spend hours trying to massage your data using laborious Excel worksheets. Instead, you can improve your productivity and efficiency by making use of Microsoft Power BI tools. They have gained a lot of momentum in the Business Intelligence world and are making the lives of business analysts much more efficient.

Utilize Power BI Tools for Data Analysis

1. Ease-of-Use

You can utilize Microsoft Power BI tools for generating and customizing your data reports. They are easy to use, and you don’t need to be highly technical to use these tools for your data analysis. You can connect to all your data sources seamlessly and slice and dice your data as per your individual needs.

2. Powerful Reporting

One of the many reasons that business analysts prefer to use Power BI tools is its powerful reporting mechanisms. You can generate, schedule, and subscribe to reports based on your preferences. You can also create Power BI reports in multiple formats. Microsoft Power BI tools help you create various visuals within your reports and also customize the visuals based on your needs. You can access a library of custom visualizations or build your own. Creating bubble chart, aster plots, histogram, etc. will enhance your reporting and provide more insights into your company’s data.

3. Sharing Reports Is Easy

Once you get past the first hurdle of creating reports, sharing these reports with key stakeholders can sometimes be daunting if there are a large number of recipients with varying requirements. You may be used to the laborious method of sharing reports by emailing Excel sheets. However, Power BI changes all that and allows you to easily share reports using various destinations and report formats.

4. Automation Tools

You can further simplify your BI tasks by using automation tools for generating and sharing Power BI reports. ChristianSteven Software offers one such tool called PBRS (Power BI Reports Scheduler). This feature-rich, intuitive tool can add to the advantages of using Power BI. Whether it is Power BI email subscriptions or scheduling reports at varying frequencies, PBRS makes these tasks a whole lot easier.

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