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What is a Power BI Dashboard?

A Power BI dashboard is a digital canvas which uses data visualizations to tell a story. Business analysts across various organizations use a Power BI dashboard to display the most important aspects of business data. Likewise, you can utilize elements of Power BI reports to create these dashboards. Additionally, you can view and share Power BI dashboards on mobile phones; however, you can’t create them on the smartphones.

What is a Power BI Dashboard? | PBRS

Mechanics of Power BI Dashboard

Power BI reports represent a dataset and feed into the visualizations on a dashboard. A dashboard is the tip of the iceberg leading you to underlying reports and datasets. Irrespective of where your dataset lies, a dashboard can provide a consolidated view of all your business data. A Power BI dashboard is customizable, interactive and keeps track of underlying data changes giving you an up-to-date view for clear analysis.

Business intelligence requires a lot of data processing, and dashboards are a must-have tool for analysis and representation of your business data. Various custom visuals that you can create using Power BI service makes for a very customizable and user-friendly dashboard. As a user, you can select a particular visual on your dashboard to drill down more into its corresponding dataset.

Advantages of Dashboards

Dashboards are a wonderful way to monitor your business. Visuals on a dashboard provide a better understanding of your data and therefore help in analysis and decision making. Metrics become the center point of discussion and analysis in many companies and dashboard becomes the vehicle of choice for displaying these important metrics. Power BI reports are critical. However, in large companies, an easily accessible dashboard can become very handy in meetings. With a click of a button, you can pull up the data from a Power BI dashboard and get the discussion going.

Often, these dashboard visuals provide answers to your questions. However, sometimes visuals can lead to more questions and require you to dig deeper. Either way, a Power BI dashboard pretty much becomes a necessity for business intelligence analysts.

ChristianSteven Software's PBRS (Power BI Reports Scheduler) saves you time and money by making it easy to automate and create power BI dashboards. Beyond its basic functionality, PBRS can extend its capabilities to satisfy your needs as your business demands grow.

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