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Why the SQL Server Reporting Tool Bringing Business Intelligence

A SQL Server Reporting tool is a server-based report generating software made by Microsoft. It is a system used by many companies that must build custom data reports from different statistical sources. These could include SQL databases, among other external sources. The software allows administrators to share these data reports with users and user groups with permission access. The seamless transfer of data among different groups allows It departments to better manage their systems and get feedback from other users.

As an IT manager or administrator, your company may only view your department as an enterprise cost rather than a strategic and valuable asset. If that is the case, then you probably had to deal with the burden of being squeezed between budget restrictions and meeting end-user needs. It can be hindering whenever higher corporate authorities impose these restrictions on your department. To adjust to the tight parameters, IT departments must get creative and find new ways to save money while reaching project goals. When these two roads cross, this is where SQL server reporting can help your team.

SQL Server Reporting Tool

SQL Reporting Provides Breakthrough Capabilities

An SQL server offers a modern, comprehensive, and enterprise-ready business intelligence platform. It can intuitively transform your raw data into meaningful insights that spur further innovation and creativity. This is particularly critical for IT departments on strict budget constraints and needs some extra help to ensure their company ultimately maintains its bottom line. There are many benefits to using this data tool. Pulling data from an SQL server allows your company to:

  • Transform: SQL servers can take complex data and turn it into actionable insights that generate long-term business growth and development.
  • Modernize: SQL reporting delivers fully integrated Power BI reports, KPIs, and paginated reports from a single accessible web portal. You can even access all of these data insights from the convenience of your smartphone or other connected devices. All of this is accessible through Microsoft Dynamics GP, and SQL also supports PDF and Excel formats.
  • Enable: SQL servers provide hybrid reporting that can connect you to your on-premise data from the cloud. No data movement is required, and you can ensure all of your data remains protected in the cloud.
  • Scale: SQL uses a proven BI platform to take advantage of scalability, so it can grow as your business grows. It also allows access to secured data and familiar tools, so you do not have to reinvent the wheel incorporating SQL into your data analysis.

Increased Business Insight Sharing with Power Report Servers

Interactive reporting allows your department to explore your data in new ways. With it, you can discover data patterns far simpler, better, and faster. It can also help with your decision-making process to ensure you make the most accurate resolutions based on the data insights provided. With SQL Server Reporting Services, you can generate precisely formatted business reports that meet your specific business needs.

Your SQL server reporting tool can also include a Power BI Report Server. If you choose to purchase a Power BI Premium, a Power BI server will become available for your company as a Software Assurance benefit with the SQL Server Enterprise Edition. All and all, your business department cannot beat the power of SQL Server Reporting couple with Power BI server intelligence. It is a great value that can generate real benefits for your company through better business insights.

Final Step: Automate Your Business Insights with ChristianSteven Software

To help make the transition for better business insights, look for a software provider that can take your server reporting to the next level. ChristianSteven helps businesses automate report distribution. With nearly two decades of providing real software solutions for companies all over the world, we know how to help customers find the best software solutions that best fit their company's needs.

Our company's software offers automated exporting, distribution, filtering to cover a full spectrum of reporting distribution needs. We can also help your company automate its business processes, as well as provide better insights from your data analytics.

Although there is generally a bit of a learning curve to importing SQL software, our team is here to ensure the process is as smooth as possible. Feel free to start a free trial to get a feel for our software for yourself. And if have any further questions or concerns, you can always contact us at any time!

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