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The Best Self-Service Reporting Products for Better Business

Self-service reporting products have become an effective business intelligence solution. The rise of technology continues to drive the need for more improved data accessibility and security. The challenge of the complex data infrastructures makes analytics a necessary part of business management. Self-service reporting tools allow business users from all departments access to the most important data insights. Self-service reporting products give decision-makers the ability to access business data when and how they need it.The Best Self-Service Reporting Products for Better Business | IntelliFront BI

Self-service Reporting Products Allow Access to Real-Time Data 

One of the most important aspects of self-service reporting tools is their ease-of-use. Business executives can control rights of access. They can name their most important decision-makers as authorized users with access to the BI reports they need. Authorized users can generate, distribute, and send reports. New business intelligence products use powerful business process automation modules to export and distribute reports.

Self-service reporting KPIs are an effective way to measure the progress of your business. KPIs can also guide the progress of your business to give you the competitive advantage you need to drive productivity and revenue. Self-service reporting products make it easy to create and collaborate on KPI’s. The real-time dashboards help track these important measurements and create a system driven towards better business practices. Real-time dashboards consolidate all tools into one dashboard. Because of this, you have the power and control to create and distribute information to improve your business.

Business executives and decision-makers need access to reports when they need it, where they need it, and in the correct formats for distribution. Self-reporting tools allow access to important data from remote locations. They can also allow authorized users to distribute reports to customers and partners. The interactive dashboards can be the turning point in effective marketing and sales. The added security keeps data safe from security breaches.

New Products in Self-Service Reporting to Improve BI 

IntelliFront BI is a self-service business tool created to save you time and money. The single, easy to use portal delivers dashboards, reports, and KPIs under one roof. This benefit helps businesses effectively monitor analytics. Businesses benefit from increased profitability. The real-time dashboards allow reports to be drawn up in very specific ways.

Business executives can compare sales teams or individual salespersons to monitor performance. Reports focused on specific parts of the industry can show what areas of the business are most productive. The sales dashboard gives a visual overview of figures, showing performance by product, date, country, or individual salesperson. These results are a huge advance in business intelligence and give those that measure productivity a unique advantage to measure performance and even predict future trends.

Through effective self-service reporting tools, like IntelliFront BI, your business can benefit from reliable delivery of your most important data. As a result, you gain more effective workflows, better decision-making, and overall improvements for your business.

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